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Just had the chance to change prod on Friday, and instead created an issue due Monday

We knew the data protection and digital information bill was getting dropped but still nice to see it reported by BBC after years fighting against it #privacy #surveillance #digitalrights

Douglas Adams died way too early 😞
He would have been on Mastodon, you just know it


The first three Ncuti Gatwa episodes of #DoctorWho didn’t do much for me. I was very much “meh”. They were “fine” I guess. But left me kind of flat.

But both #Boom and #73Yards had me locked to my TV. Absolutely excellent. More of that please.

Any IT auditors out there? Specifically those who audit security systems/programs. I've got a few questions for ya!

- What are some things that made you successful in your role?
- Are there any technical skills that are critical for your success?
- Any common challenges your face in your role?
- Do you have any advice for anyone trying to make a transition into auditing?
- Recommended readings?


I just watched the last episode of PERSON OF INTEREST. Wow, I‘m still blown away. What a great show, I liked every episode. #PersonOfInterest

I'm working on some nice updates for the next #amiberry releases:
- Integrated the latest version of the FloppyBridge library. This improves the performance and compatibility with floppy drives further!
- Added a plugins directory, for external libraries
- improved styling support for the GUI. You can now design a dark theme easily. Maybe I'll even include one as an easy switch.
- Fixed various bugs here and there, as usual.
- Preview is now synced with the latest WinUAE beta.

Any “constitutional” or legal questions about the general election?

Ask below and I will reply if I can.

(I used to do this sort of thing on Twitter and I thought I would give it a go here.)

@neil same as I’d recommend Raspberry Pi OS over those – support is nicer, community is less nerdy and more human #TOTP

As for Rishi's excellent election, I have only one comment:


"We promise to make Recall super secure. Nobody will be able to access it"

vault locking sound effect

some guy who has a porg for his avatar:

"Its an sqlite database that sits in %APPDATA%"

Hey, @mozilla I'm really proud to be a paid Media Monitor subscriber, and I'm happy with the service, too.

But why do your emails pass their links through a tracking redirection service controlled by a third party?

My May statement links through


🆕 blog! “Gell-Mann Amnesia and Purdah”

This is a retropost. Written contemporaneously, but published long after the events. At the time, I was a Civil Servant in Cabinet Office. Now I am not. But as we're heading for another General Election, I thought I'd share this post. It's the evening of the 2019 General Election. I am plagued by two thoughts. […]

👀 Read more:

#election #GE2024 #politics #retropost

MS office is essentially unusable now without a solid internet connection. Can't even save to the C drive or cancel a meeting without a server check-in first. Absolute trash.

(Don't tell me to use a different product. I'm at work, I don't have a choice)

For the first time since Nov. 2023, two of the four instruments aboard the Voyager 1 spacecraft (currently ~24,472,559,000 km away or about 22.5 light hours from us) have started re-transmitting science data!

These spacecraft are older than me and still going strong.

Go you good thing!


Rishi Sunak decides to end political career with general election

Rishi Sunak, the UK’s greatest prime minister since Liz Truss, has announced he will be stepping down through a process known as a “general election” that he has zero chance of winning.

So, back when I was a Civil Servant, I wrote a bunch of blog posts which I *absolutely* couldn't publish while employed there.

I'm rather looking forward to publishing some of them in the coming weeks!


Cringing in the rain: soggy Rish! kickstarts his farewell tour

Moments later Starmer appeared cponcinceded in two union jacks. This was his time. The waiting was over. He was ready. We were ready. Bring it on.

Scotland, Wales and NI were not convined, although Gething thought it was a good idea - he might be able to hang on to his loot.

#Crace #UkPolitics #ScottishIndependence #Wales #NI

The real problem now is that Starmer will likely become Prime Minister and everyone will expect him to fix things overnight, which won't be possible.


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