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Just had the chance to change prod on Friday, and instead created an issue due Monday

SimCity on the web. (Description from Don Hopkins on Facebook)

❝ Micropolis (open source SimCity) in the web browser using WebAssembly and OpenGL finally works enough to share, and it should work for other people too, I hope.
Not much of a user interface to speak of yet, but I just got the simulation and tile renderer working, and hooked up enough UI to have fun!
The next interesting part will be implementing the plug-in system so you can make plug-in robots and zones in JavaScript, and monitor and visualize and control the simulation! ❞

Does anyone here have personal experience of successfully converting a CT Scan to a 3D printable file? Preferably on Linux.

All I'm finding is outdated tutorials pointing to discontinued services.

#DICOM #3DPrinting #Linux

(Please assume I know how to use a search engine before replying. Thanks 😃)

That whooshing noise you just heard is the sound of a villain reveal going right over the heads of millions of even die-hard fans.


When the tech doesn’t work so you end up putting a laptop under an overhead projector 🤣 #bclh24

The older I get, the more I relatable I find Arthur Dent

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The Apple Newton WatchPad was a roaring success in the early 2000s, and dimensionally only a few short hops over.

Free - use code YF9JF3UX3U at checkout to get this for free :
Fun Creativity 12-in-1 40593 | Other | Buy online at the Official LEGO® Shop GB

Came from a free offer, and I won't be using it,
probably single use, ymmv, etc etc

I need help on connecting a 9pin dot matrix printer to Schneider CPC.
Goal is to print with WordStar running under CP/M.
I'm confused

I've read that the CPC has a 7 bit printer port. There are modifications for 8 bits but I don't know about the software side: does WordStar need 8 bits to print bold, italic etc.? Do the modifications work without any driver software?

(Boosts welcome)

Hardcore respect to Russell T Davies for making a big deal about the new Disney show being a new start and he throws in a Tom Baker villain from 1975

#doctorwhospoilers #DoctorWho

Software architecture hot tips:
- Good things are better than bad things, except when they're not
- Also nothing is good or bad
- It depends
- The answer to every question is "it depends", except for when it doesn't. It depends
- Name three things you like. You can't have them at the same time
- No.
- There are many definitions of software architecture, but none of them are correct
- There's no such thing as software architecture

@zhenech I've been doing this for what feels like at least three years, and I've been amazed at how well it works.

Bonus tip: You can choose the proton version, and sometimes the devel version works when proton stable doesn't.

I haven't touched windoze for gaming in years!

Have fun!

"Brussels is set to charge Apple over allegedly stifling competition on its mobile app store, the first time EU regulators have used new digital rules to target a Big Tech group"

Let's hope the fines are big enough to trigger a change.

modern programming is like,

"if you're using to parse http headers, you will need to also install bepis to get buffered read support. but please note that bepis switched to using sasquatch for parallel tokenization as of version 0.0.67, so you will need the bongo-sasquatch extension crate as well."

old-time programming is like,

"i made a typo in this function in 1993. theo de raadt got so angry he punched a wall when he saw it. for ABI compatibility reasons, we shan't fix the typo."

Before I sell it on eBay/vinted does anyone UK-based want a black 44/45/46mm sport Apple Watch band, £15 shipped (M/L)

The Gloucester City & Gloucestershire County Councillor Alistair Chambers who was caught breeding and selling XL Bully pups without licence is ordered to pay almost £50,000 to the city council. Needless to say, at the time, he was a Conservative.

#glos #ukpol

BREAKING: (Preliminary) noyb win: Meta stops using EU/EEA data for "Meta AI" after 11 complaints by noyb and mounting criticism by other EU/EEA data protection authorities! 😀🥂

FT: Apple set to be first Big Tech group to face charges under EU digital law. "An announcement over the charges against Apple was expected in the coming weeks, said two people with knowledge of the case.
These people said regulators have only made preliminary findings, and Apple could still take actions to correct its practices, which could then lead regulators to reassess any final decision."

I haven't seen anybody mentioning it or even noticing it, like it's just the water we swim in now, but this month marks the fiftieth anniversary of the release of what would become a seminal, and is arguably the single most important, piece of social software ever created.

Written by Douglas McIlroy and James Hunt and released with the 5th Edition of Unix this month in 1974: diff and merge.

Look's like the Internet browser of the #Nokia #Communicator9110i is not quite up to it.

But well...

Let's see.

Somebody sent me this blog my way today so I had a dig into it for a few hours.

Yes, Amit is right. Visual Studio Marketplace is a clusterfuck.

✅ anybody can verify themselves using just a domain name
✅ anybody can set any display name
✅ extensions allow RCE, no sandboxing or limits at all
✅ full access to developer + build
✅ anybody can link any GitHub repo, even if it has nothing to do with the extension
✅ I’ve already found malware - backdoors, beacons etc etc

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