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For over a decade Philips Hue offered lights that work without sharing your data to the cloud. This is changing soon and we need your help to make some noise to convince them to revert this decision.


What I'm listening to today: "Beyond your mind", Reinos

This is a eurodance DOS tracker tune from 2004, with sampled (?) acid synth noises and some fun stuttery violin sounds. Take this into a club in mid-1996 and it would have been the hypest thing.

This was posted on YouTube by the artist, and as the artist does not link the .xm file, and the website advertised in the .xm file on screen appears to be dead, this is probably the only copy of this track on the Internet.

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Let's see if Mastodon is any good at selling property 😃

Our lovely 2 bed flat in Woking, UK, is for sale.

* Freehold on a private road
* No cladding issues
* Huge gardens + gardener
* Short walk from Woking train station
* New windows
* 1Gb fibre
* Pet friendly (upstairs have a lovely cat)
* Separate garage


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| Don't Push To Production On Friday |
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Who cares about how data is used in #GreaterManchester

In 2020, folks from across sectors joined us to co-create the #Declaration for Responsible and Intelligent Data Practice. 

Lots has changed since then, so we want those affected (that's everyone!) to help reboot it.

Do share @itsecbot!

Workshops start next month >>

@ChrisMayLA6 I rather doubt Sunak or any of his billionaire associates will be donating millions to the UK state education system to raise standards. He donated to an American college for a computer lab, but gave a school in his own constituency a signed bottle of wine for a raffle. #conservatives would prefer the population poor, drunk and uneducated, so they can be not much more than slave labour (see many former colonies).

LLMs are a horribly inefficient and wasteful approach to solving the kinds of problems they're being used for, but these guys already had these big, expensive crypto mining setups sitting around and they were already hoovering up all our data so why bother making something better, apparently.

Can you hear me you peers and privy councillors
I stand before you naked to the eyes
I will destroy any man who dares abuse my trust
I swear that you'll be mine
At the seven bins of lies

kids should be allowed to have secrets from their parents and people who believe otherwise don't see kids as human beings

So I just heard about this through @bonifartius ... maybe im missing some details but let me see if i got this straight.

1) Russel Brand was accursed of some sort of sexually inappropriate activity, not sure what it is yet, but sounds serious. While serious as of yet no evidence has been made public, no trial, and his guilt is unknown.

2) Based on only accusation and rumer the UK parliment decided he should be treated as if he is guilty before a trial

3) the UK parliment has reached out to several platforms asking to deplatform him as punished for something we havent determined if he did yet

4) Platforms like YouTube saw no problem with this and agreed.

Is this seriously where we are at....

:gnu: bonifartius 𒂼𒄄  
for context QT:

I am confused - all I wanted to do was airdrop a pages document to my phone. Anyone understand what apple are on about. If I cancel it won't airdrop.

"I should have known better, but I did it anyway" is basically the throughline of my entire career, I guess.

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@mcc I'm sometimes reminded that - for years and years - the Adobe Linux team, the team of people who kept Flash working on Linux despite everything, consisted of one dude doing arguably the least thankful job in all of software.

@TheSpaceshipper I do like Donnager, because of aesthetics, but let’s go with those janky shipping containers the belters converted into breaching pods.

Believable industrial electronics ephemera, modified just enough to work, and a an absolutely terrifying scene for the people holed up in them as the PDCs and rail guns just obliterate them.

Just noticed that my simple web app for creating polls to decide on dates for events has ticked over 100 votes (no more info than that, as it auto-deletes 10 days after polls close). I think that means more than 50% of the polls and votes are from events not run by me, which is nice.

NHS: "Everything's falling apart! It's an emergency! HELP"
SCHOOLS: "Same!"
ECONOMY: "Same!"
HOUSING: "Same!"

UK GOVERNMENT: "...yeah, those big dogs are a bit much. We'll get right on that".

I wish more people in large orgs understood how much of a burden you put on somebody by sending them a PDF and asking them to fill it out and send it back. The software you are asking people to find and learn is absolutely some of the worst software in the world.

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