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dear Pipeworks Studios/Jagex: I will pay you up to 100$ to get unrestricted access to your E:\Build network share

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With Apple’s new game porting kit announcement, I have to share a little secret game dev history from Apple days of yore.

Way back in the mid/late 90’s, when 3dfx was THE 3d graphics hardware, Apple secretly contracted with me to build a Glide (the 3dfx API) to QuickDraw 3D Rave conversion library. This would let games that only ran on 3dfx hardware also run on ATI 3d chips that were built in to the iMac… 1/2

I still have my CV on LinkedIn.. It's about 10 years out of date.

The only interaction I have with it is recruiters wanting to 'join my network'. I'd delete it but too much effort.. such requests just go to spam.

It uses to be a decent place to host your CV when you were looking for work then they tried to become 'social' and it all went to crap.

I don't think that it will come as any surprise to learn than I am a fan (and long time customer) of @aaisp, but I really like this kind of detailed post-incident (although "incident" is perhaps putting it a bit strongly) write-up:

(About yesterday's Direct Debit email.)

Of course, NVIDIA's boss will say AI can do magic. Everyone can now be a doctor, lawyer, programmer, and whatnot. He is selling a high-end GPU that costs $10,000. He is making tons of money ;) Ha!

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Any #Chinese literature fans know where I can find a copy of Liang Qichao's story "A Chronicle of the Future of New China"?

Looking for an English translation.

Boosts appreciated?


Please don't send us any more unsolicited nude pics with instructions on how to get to your house.
It's creepy.


The Aliens.

Mozilla has lost touch with its primary user base. Firefox users are dedicated and actively choose to install Firefox on their devices, even over other popular browsers such as Edge, Safari, and Chrome. They are considered power users, and any shenanigans toward them (such as displaying full-screen VPN Ads) could result in them switching to a different browser. Mozilla stops Firefox fullscreen VPN ads after user outrage

Poll: Are you a macOS, MS-Windows or Linux or *BSD user? Please boost for reach. TIA.

We spend roughly 10x as much time reading code as we do writing it. A tool or technique that makes you twice as "productive" at writing code *at best* makes you 5% more productive over all. Making your code easier to understand will have 10x the impact. But that doesn't sell tools, so you won't be reading about it in Forbes.

I created an interesting new (free, web-based) puzzle app for mobile devices (works best on iPads, less-well-to-not-at-all on other devices). Want to try some challenging puzzles that blend spatial reasoning and manual dexterity? Just Slide to Unlock!

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