@croyle I often start a rewatch with it, so the first 3 become an extended flash back

We're re-watching #TheExpanse again. Damn, season 1 episode 4 "CQB" is still an amazing episode, wow... Also, and let me be blunt, I love PDCs. 😁

@engarneering @ifixcoinops another problem solved with @frameworkcomputer swappable modules. USB-C socket fails, replace a ten quid module, rather than junking the whole machine

"Paris has closed more than 100 streets to motor vehicles, tripled parking fees for SUVs, removed roughly 50,000 parking spots, and constructed more than 1,300 kilometers of bike lanes since Mayor Anne Hidalgo took office in 2014.

Those changes have contributed to a 40% decline in air pollution, according to city officials."


#Paris #Transport #SustainableTransport #SustainableCities #Pollution #ClimateChange #Health #BikeTooter

@Mastodon @mellifluousbox @Gargron so Microsoft owns the mastadon finance team? Your kicking back a monthly fee to the "linux is cancer" team?

@fedora not sure how the two "yes" options differ, but a @frameworkcomputer certainly would be be recommended

Just replaced a handful mentions of Kbaud and Mbaud references in the Newton Glossary with Kbps and Mbps, respectively. Not sure how baud rates ended up in there in the first place.


@cubicgarden it was the user group tonight. Speaker from their DB team asked who was doing
About a hundred people. No hands up, just laughter.

@falken @spaceflight few months?! I hope so! But I barely believe that Europe is that eager.

The Europeans have a drive for other topics but not for the technological future of Europe. Sadly.

I assume that the next launch may be by the end of the year or next year 🙃.

Europe needs more competition in the rocket business, otherwise Europe will be stuck with bicycles as their highest form of technology

@spaceflight which is impossible for a non-reusable design that launches every few months

Incremental Font Transfer has been published by the Web Fonts Working Group as a Working Draft.

Incremental Font Transfer defines a method to incrementally transfer fonts from server to client. Incremental transfer allows clients to load only the portions of the font they actually need which speeds up font loads and reduces data transfer needed to load the fonts. A font can be loaded over multiple requests where each request incrementally adds additional data.

@Edent totally right thing to do, that's what dev days and devrel are for. Wonder why they felt the bugs were low priority before...

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