@farooqkz just make another repo? Or use pastebin? Not sure exactly what you mean.

@lucifargundam @farooqkz for me it sounds like selfhosted services. Cause there are many ways to selfhost gitea/gitlab/hastebin and so.
This is what I think fits. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But same as Lucifar I'm also not exactly sure.

@theenoro @lucifargundam

I think you Lucifer don't know what I mean because you never worked with Github Gist.

Gist can be seen as some sort of special repo(actually it's a git repo) but optimized for sharing small pieces of code(usually a single file). A real repository would be an overkill for such a purpose and also it doesn't support comments the same way Gist does.

Think it of something like Mastodon but optimized for sharing small pieces of code in a single file or at most only a handful. People could comment, fav, boost, etc.

I believe ActivityPub can be used for such a purpose.

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