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New profile pic, who dis? Not bad for covid..
I guess..

only one more 2 hour electrolysis to go and my beard should be pretty much gone forever, thank fuck.,.. hate that cunt

I am not asking for money tho..


sorry I've been quiet, I am sorta hibernating

NEWS: I now have boobs, I can feel them! and they hurt a bit..

I am still here, I am just lurking waiting for my hormones to kick in

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I am gutted that they cancelled 1899 on Netflix - I JUST literally finished watching it, Yeah I know, I was late to the party - but it was so good, and 10 mins after seeing the last episode I hear it's been cancelled... surely Peacock or HBO or Amazon can pick this up?? ANYONE?!?!

So much faceapp these days no idea who is real or what they look like..

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I started Hormones today, My new years resolution is be a hot babe... lol never gonna happen, far too old, but hey ho! here we go...

just found out my "wand" vibrator is awsome on my bad knee, will, be using it more for that than wanking :D

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Studio Apartment Available:
- Pet-friendly
- Located next to bridge
- No strings attached

I am SO hung over right now, send help!

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Happy Solstice to all you hippies and pagans who celebrate that kind of thing!

Getting there! Had my last Electrolysis of the year, my chin hurts, but i THINK there's a bit of a difference showing..

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