@doti @mjg59 I have a legit one, I felt I had to get one, its great on my tits...

@reinesis the church bombing was on the news over here ...

@reinesis I got one for camping with a built in powered pump, still goes flat before I wake up

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HBO announcing "Transphobic Woman's Show About Wizards", "Harmful Stereotypes About Autism" and "The One With Incest And Rape And Incest Rape" at the same time as announcing the removal of the HBO brand from their online presence is certainly a statement

well I am back from my short holiday, what did I miss? camping was cool btw.. weather was not great, but I do love a cozy MRE and a warm sleeping bag! And nature obvs

blimey the anonymous weebs are a bit snowflakey aren't they?

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@locagainstwall oh no! I am a faggot? best not tell the wife eh?

@locagainstwall oh here we go, we woke up the amine secret femboy fan base.. enjoy your unrealistic futa porn! :P

@ChristiJunior just out of intrest post a pic of you, and we'll see who is the ulgiest, yeah?

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