I was feeling good this week, anyway here is a pic of me - I grew some boobs this year, I am quite proud of them Yeah I know I am old - in my 50s, but it's never too late guys!

Tried to film my cat snoring clearly not stealthy enough

Birdsite is broke, rekons I have tweeted too much today I hardly tweeted at all!

New profile pic, who dis? Not bad for covid..
I guess..

Getting there! Had my last Electrolysis of the year, my chin hurts, but i THINK there's a bit of a difference showing..

My cat has the only warm seat in the house - Today I am going to have a bath then run downstairs and dry myself infront of the fire just like in the olden days... (as my central heating is broke, did I mention that?)

2nd session of Electrolysis done, one more 2 hour to go to get rid of the beard forever, wish I had got it done sooner

This is my littelist cat, Ember - he's pretty stupid, clingy - but he's fun. not as good as Rogue, but he's an ok Cat..

Downside: It's Monday tomorrow

Upside: I am not working

Out with the Mrs drinking cocktails old fashioned and bloody Mary with extra tabasco

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