I'm pretty happy to have finished the Taji 100 challenge a few days ago. I'm super impressed by my team though, because everyone crossed the (virtual) finish line. That's pretty rare from what I've seen.

This site bills itself as an aide, not for cheating. Then you see an ad and it's clearly for cheating with AI.

North, South. South. North, North... Take a guess what they're doing. Payment Village

A dangerous woman holding a weapon while a crowd watches. Her weapon of choice: POTS.

Social Engineering Village, vishing competition. Encountering some helpful employees today.

L0pht. Making the theoretical practical since 1992.

social engineering village giving away signed copies of Space Rogue, the story of the 90s hacker scene.

This reminds me of some classical paintings. Storms over pastoral scenes. The name of the actual style is escaping me though.

Beautiful though, San Antonio . If you like this sort of thing.

Love Guadalupe River State ! People don't think of this when they think of ...

They think of gun violence and ridiculous laws about women's health.

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