I thought I'd replaced all of these outlets that are falling apart in our old house. Nope - missed one.

Pecan Pie 

Pretty excited about this thing right here.

Car on its side, no injuries 

Gotta keep those tires on the ground!

Great day for a walk at Eisenhower park, let's see how this handles a panoramic photo.

Beautiful morning for a walk in sunny San Antonio today. It's awesome to see all the newcomers to Mastodon and Qoto.

Note: River does not flow in a circle. You will not come back around to the same place you put in.

This started out as a spatula that I loaned my 1yr old so she could play along as I cooked eggs.

Went to get some mustard - dispenser hole was partially blocked. This was how my wife removed the seal when she opened it...

Chaotic Neutral

Ahh, these are tables! To think I used to sit on them. So gauche.

Fitness, running 

5k - me plus 20 lbs

Thanks to everyone who supported wounded warriors today.

It's a coffee shop in an elevator, and the elevator still works apparently! The coffee is good too.

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