@sbfclt @bwbeach I never got that far in Haskell, but heard it has a great ecosystem.

Reheating mashed potatoes is so strange. In the fridge they get all watery and cottage cheese-y. Then you heat them up halfway and mix them around and they still gross. I always think they'll be ruined and it's not worth the effort.

It's only when they're finally hot that they firm up and wind up perfect again. I don't think I could distinguish properly reheated ones from the originals.

@alper nice, the parsing of the input was the tough part for me in Python and I was glad I wasn't trying to do it quickly in Rust.

@sbfclt @bwbeach pretty good, day 5 down, even got to do day 5 right as it came out. I took the time to go back and do day 4 in Rust, too, but have only done the others in Python.


I am now compiling a list of all servers who may have an interest in joining the United Federation of Instances.

Quite a few instances have already signed up.

Please reach out to me, all servers of any size are welcome!

This is non binding, its just to get a preliminary list. You can withdrawl at any time and dont have to go through the application process. I just want to know what servers to reach out to once we begin kicking things off.

If you are a server admin please let me know **in DM** if you have an interest and I will add you to the (for now) private list. I want to only release the list once we have enough momentum so please respond in DM only.

for those who are new to this you can read the proposal here:


You can read the early draft of the full bylaws here:


Both of these will still undergo a lot of modification. For information on how to join the conversation see this post:


You can see the progress and conversation specifically at the official repo here:



Just did the first day of advent of code! Who know? Maybe this year I'll finally do all 25 days

Very interesting so far. Chapter two was a series of organized and insightful observations from engineering management, and while I found some specifics to disagree with I also found that every topic presented is a critical thing to think about while managing a team. In that way it provides an important reference, and I find that kind of book valuable. I had to take some notes: blog.notmet.net/2022/12/an-elegant-puzzle/

(comment on "An Elegant Puzzle")

@neofight78 @nathanstocks I definitely find it difficult to keep up... I typically find some catch-up time, though, when we go visit family for a week and the afternoons drag on.

@bwbeach nice! I tried doing it in Haskell a couple years ago and was really slow 😆 Still haven't gotten much further in Haskell, but it was certainly a learning experience.

Just doing it in this year - saves me time over doing it in Rust, and also I haven't been doing so much Python recently, so it's nice to get back to it for a bit. If I have extra time I'll probably go back and complete some in too, I'd like to build more proficiency there still, especially in the tricky algorithmic problems that come later.

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This year I started a group at work to find other folks interested in . Partly to make myself more likely to finish, partly to share the fun, and partly to try to find a community I can raise up and leverage. This isn't the only way to find the other nerds, but it may be the most fun.

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off to a good start! I don't stay up late to do them (because central time US, work and !young) but still plan to get through them this year. When work doesn't slow me down too much I do.

Just came across a thread on reddit's r/selfhosted of a newly minted admin confused and worried they could access their users' mailboxes.

Money quote:
"What is troubling me is that as a user I always assumed the content of my email messages was encrypted and hidden even to the system admin"

No wonder that people are worried about the fact that "admins can in theory read your DMs on Mastodon" when THIS is their general misunderstanding of how hosted stuff works.

I find THAT worrying.

The guts of these things are a neat look at how to manufacturer something useful by mostly bending metal creatively.

@trinsec yup. The faceplate screw was the only thing holding the plastic on, but the internal conductors weren't making proper contact anymore.

I thought I'd replaced all of these outlets that are falling apart in our old house. Nope - missed one.

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