Looking at the Goog and AWS options I think I'm seeing everything charge for the time it's available - as a ec2 node or similar. My use cases are all very low irregular usage. And ideally it would use sql so it's not locked in to anything.

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Is there a cloud database service, especially one just using sql, that doesn't charge for the hours it's available - but only by usage?

I'm a Brazilian software developer and aspiring mechatronics engineer. I'm interested in #IoT, #EmbeddedSystems, #FLOSS, #electronics and #tech in general. My hobbies are image editing, cataloging stuff, reading (books, articles, news, essays, whatever), listening to music and podcasts, gaming, and watching movies, shows, docs, video essays, etc. I have a special interest in sci-fi and surrealist media. I also love all kinds of pets!

GoogFi gave us 2 GB free because of Texpocalypse 2021. Thanks, that doesn't hurt.

This WSJ article is wrong - it says coal and nuke would prevent this TX blackout, but some of them went offline too... Seriously drop coal. More nuke please though.


Why does the alphabet go in a specific order? The ordering of the letters isn't helpful for language.

It's a pretty useful property though.

@finity What? When? That's devastating! Does this also mean may not be the singer for the ? 🎤 🗝️

So Jackson Browne wasn't part of the Jackson 5?

@Diptchip I prefer to remove every bit that covers the hole too. She just don't care like we do.

Grateful that someone bothered to commit a fix to my Ghidra reverse engineering project that I have neglected.


This started out as a spatula that I loaned my 1yr old so she could play along as I cooked eggs.

Went to get some mustard - dispenser hole was partially blocked. This was how my wife removed the seal when she opened it...

Chaotic Neutral

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