This has been a fascinating true story about election fraud in the US. Zoe Chace is fantastic at crossing political boundaries and getting good answers from anyone she talks to.

“Education is what you get when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't.” - Pete Seeger, quoted by The Economist


I find Jeki Yoo very entertaining, and this was worth sharing:

Considering starting a delivery ramen service called

@freemo no, modeRNA - it seems like the clotting decisions are going back-and-forth, I'll be interested to look back in a few years and hopefully more solid data will be available

Just got my jab - it's funny how differently I think of this one from annual flu shots and the like. I've been listening to how this one works, and what it causes my cells to do, and now I'm thinking of how that is happening in me...

Time for some Indian food for lunch.

Quick afternoon project - use AWS Lambda as a way to evade outbound filtering. Not complicated - but first time I've really employed Lambda.

Death Toll from Texas’ Winter Storm Rises Sharply to 111

Can we haz grid that meets regulations?

@dansup is that a big bookwyrm instance? What domain is it?! What a tease.

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