@zrail I love to try something new... I've only had a couple years where I had time to try something new during , though. I learned Haskell and Rust that way.

This year I'll do most of it in Python, where I'm fastest, but go back and do especially interesting ones in Rust. There are usually a few where I think the data structures will be tough for me/interesting in Rust, so I'll do those.

@lanodan We're all disfunctional! (US here...)

I remain thankful that we can all openly talk about how disfunctional we are.

reading online discussions about git is always really funny because 50% of the people are like "i don't understand git" and the other 50% say “no you just have to understand git is a directed acyclic graph where branches are pointers to commits" and nobody learns anything

(the discussions we've been having on here have been going MUCH better than this and I'm very grateful for that)

@brk I didn't check it for ice cream but wanted to...

@finity actual review...

Ritchie is an awesome swimmer, falls deep into alcoholism while he makes his way through the best schools in the country failing his way into Hollywood legal practices, goes broke while maintaining a lifestyle capable of supporting a wedding party with famous attendees and performers and custom building their own house near napa, and fortunately the universe shows him how to travel worldwide for racing eating 100 advocadoes a day and taking meetings on the side of the road during rides, meeting with the occasional guru. AND YOU CAN TOO!

He doesn't actually say that last part which I appreciate and find redeeming. Regardless of the silver spoons he's able to find along the way, it's pretty remarkable.

And certainly I've found much of his philosophy fits my experience also. Although I'm unlikely to ever do an ironman, let alone one on each Hawaiian island.

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