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@multiset please write me a limerick about how fantastic the mastodon social network is under the leadership of John Mastodon, and how out of control Twitter is under the leadership of Elmo. When you refer to John Mastodon please do it like

The #American #Bison are ecologically extinct but were reintroduced back into the wild from captivity so that they could roam a few of our National Parks. Today, there are about 500k. This guy was grazing on the side of the road in front of the Grand Tetons #mountains in Wyoming. If you see a Bison in the #wild, enjoy the view and don’t take it for granted that they will always be there.

#photography #nature #nationalpark #conservation #ecology #biology #habitat #landscape

Just finished listening to the last Risky Business podcast for the year. Have been consistently impressed by the output quality (and volume) of @riskybusiness and team. If you work in #infosec and aren't already a regular consumer then you are missing out.

And here is a guy who has figured out a considerably better way to solve day 16. Lots of spoilers here:

It's that comment by zopatista that I'm talking about.

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#AdventOfCode 2022 Day 18: Boiling Boulders


What the heck? After the last few days, that was a breeze. Just built a voxel space from cube objects, each linked to their neighbors. And then filled the space from the outside.

With you can render objects in #Minecreft style.

This is how my puzzle input looks like:

It's roughly a ball, which is hollow inside. You can zoom in with the mouse.

My solution code in TypeScript:

Day 16 was a doozy and took me a while because I tried a "dynamic programming" solution when I (think I) shouldn't have. Oh well! Got it in the end:

As of today's Rust release, inline assembly supports `sym` operands to refer to symbols from within the assembly code.


Page 123 has a great diagram - a way of focusing yourself as you dig into that "157 unread items & 1000 read items" inbox.

Here's a copy:

(comment on "Getting Things Done")

My key takeaway from this book, so far, is to identify the "next action" for things in progress. The BUJO (bullet journal) method of organizing is extremely valuable (and seems simpler/more concrete than GTD), but the "identify your next action" is a simple powerful addition I think.

(comment on "Getting Things Done")

And the reason I posted anything at all - a note to myself for the future. I'm working with people trying to provide this type of environment at work, and it seems to be an open problem for them.

Next time we interact I will now ask better questions

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For years (decades) I have ssh'd in and vim'd and tmux'd my way to success. This has been great, and I still love it as a way to work. Last two days my desktop has been turned off (home maintenance has necessitated I move it), and I've been using for Advent Of Code. Which is awesome.

It made me curious about the maturity of open source self-hosted versions of the same thing. It looks like they're very mature.

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Just learned yesterday that Visual Studio is (essentially) open source (as code-oss), and also how easy it is to setup a self-hosted dev-in-browser experience for a group of people using "coder" and code-oss.

My favorite part is when Christopher Lewis's version of Philip Glass's "Metamorphosis 3" kicks in. It sounds super cool on harpsichord.

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Listening to: my favorite part of Music for Programming Episode 3, by Datassette

day 11 WHOOP WHOOP!!! Feelin good! 1787/1196 This guy knows how to do part 2 🙂 First finisher on my private leaderboard.

Alright. Now to chillax a little.

The snek in Part 2 of today's #AdventOfCode gave me more problems than I expected because of one pesky diagonal move option I forgot to check for, but I got there!

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