Finally dedicated a day to de-googling my phone, custom ROM, no gapps, bliss!

@fishbowl Wonder to hear that, fishbowl.

What OS are you using now? Which phone and model?

I did a lot of tinkering with Android tablets and loved the CyanogenMod roms - still have two of those tablets with them installed. Good times. 😺

@design_RG Just went with Lineage OS 16 since its the most stable android 9.0 ROM I could find for the S8. The only thing that is a bit buggy is the Bluetooth.

@fishbowl Ah, very nice!

LineageOS is the new company that evolved from CyanogenMod. I have looked at their site and they do have a lot of supported devices.

Unfortunately, my model is not yet on the list, and this must be an exact match, as the consequences of an error are dire.

Very cool -- maybe write a little report someday, listing what you liked, features, maybe some screenshots?

You could post here or on the Discourse Forums, here at Qoto, where it's nice to be able to use enhanced text, in-line images and other features for a nicer post.

Thank you!

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