If you use Youtube, or Invidious often on desktop then I'd definitely recommend FreeTube ( as an alternative client. Using invidious or a local API as an implementation it doesn't connect to Google APIs, so less risk of corporate data mining!

Spent some time today working on the toast feature for the Vue rewrite ( The current client is pretty great but the new version is shaping up to be better visually and functionally from the ground up.

@fishbowl This is neat. I had never heard of this project, or invidious. The interesting part to me is that it manages to bypass the YouTube API entirely, access to which requires divulging PII. The only tool in this category that I am familiar with is youtube-dl A major difference is that youtube-dl exposes a command line user interface. It also supports a massive number of other video sources.

I really like the idea of these tools, and not just for the privacy gain. It allows for innovation in user experience on top of an existing video product, which tends to be for 2-sigma of the population and not extensible. YouTube exposes good APIs (pretty much everything available on the site can be done via the API), but not all platforms do.

@wes there is also NewPipe for Android, which I use daily. They even have more/better features than the official YouTube app!

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