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This time I'm posting "Song to the Siren" by Sinead O'Connor. Now I chose this version for one reason, and that is that it's my favorite.
Tim Buckley was the first, and wrote this song I believe. While This Mortal Coil's cover is the most well known version. Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins sang on the This Mortal Coil song and I recommend giving that a listen to also.

Here's the song on youtube...

Here’s a treat for you guys.
This song different from his other work in that he sings on it and there aren’t any samples. He does a lot of downtempo kind of work but I especially love this song.
Joey Pecoraro - “BedHead”

Y’all this is Silver Apples! They’re from the 60s but used oscillators from WW2 and based their music around patterns instead instead of beats so they sound very modern with a early psychedelic vibe.


Not feeling it today but I still want to keep this going.
“Terrible Lie” by Nine Inch Nails

Today is the day of Giving Thanks. There have been times though when I honestly couldn’t think of anything to truly be thankful for. So this song goes out to all those who are necessarily celebrating today. With love.

“Black Dog” by Arlo Parks

Today’s song has one of my favorite videos of all time. The mood is perfect for me and the single shot works extremely well. A friend of mine showed me this video about 15 years ago like he was showing me secret he was including me in on. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. Here is
“Ava Adore” by The Smashing Pumpkins

Tonight’s song is my favorite by this band. While not all of their songs hit just right with me, I find myself coming back to this one time and time again. The intro is powerful and trace like, vocals are on point, and I like the message.
Here is
“Careful You” by TV On The Radio

The video to this song made me feel better tonight. I have been coming across this song for nearly 20 years now and just saw the music video. It’s perfect in my opinion. A perfect song too.
“Protection” by Massive Attack & Tracey Thorn.
“massive .

I’m feeling kind of lonely tonight. Here’s to hope. .
Love is Everywhere(Beware) - Wilco

Today’s song is by Bartees Strange, whom I believe is about to blow up into a big star. His new album came out this year, and I hope he makes it big. Do yourself a big favor and check him out. This is “Wretched” by Bartees Strange.

A song you wont want to miss out on. 

Today’s musical entry is from a band called Still Corners. I was lucky enough to see them play live at the Cosmic Vibrations Music Festival and they were incredible. The guitarist plays this song so powerfully live. I mean it just rocks so hard considering how atmospheric the song is. Here’s “The Trip” by Still Corners.

I’m not sure if anyone really gets anything out of me posting these, but for that one person out there here’s Andy Bell’s Psychedelic ode to us all “Love Comes in Waves”.
I love this song.

I know most of us are grumpy at the time change, cold weather, and busyness of the winter months. Tell me though, please….What little things do you really look forward too about this time of year, or get to rediscover your love for around this time? For me it’s long sleeve shirts. I feel like I’m wearing armor basically compared to what I wear during the summer months.

Tonight I have for you a song that deserves it’s own indie movie. Blake Mill’s “Hey Love” would have been the soundtrack to my life if I would have found it back when it first released. Am I destined to discover great music after it’s time. Possibly, I grew up on a lot of classic rock so not being apart of the scene from who’s music I loved was expected. Don’t let this one become classic rock on you though.

Great Music 

Tonight’s song is the chronically catchy “Return to the Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome to Sing, with Crescendo)” by El Vy.

This band is the brainchild of Matt Berninger of The National and Brent Knopf of Romana Falls.

Alright folks it’s that time again.
Today’s post is about a band that I was lucky enough to see at the Cosmic Vibrations Music Festival, and who’s back in town this week.
The band I’m referring too is relatively new and is a psychedelic rock band out of Orlando Florida. This band is Timothy Eerie and the song is “Acid Lake”.
The music video is a psychedelic trip that may be a sensory overload for some. I think you’ll be glad you listened to this.

A family member played this song for me during a good night over drinks, and I had to know who sang it.
Tonight’s song is “Backchannels” by Shearwater. Their new album is almost brand new and I’m about to dive deep into it.

Today’s musical post is one of my favorites right now. In all honesty I believe this song is as perfect as any song can be. Without any further ado, here’s “Towers” by Bon Iver!

The song I'm posting today is "The Leanover" by Life Without Buildings.

I just recently discovered this song even though the album came out in 2000. The singer basically sing talks nonsense in a beautful yet very British voice. Over all it's extremely unique and if you get anything from this it should be a wide appreciation for what music can be.

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