I’m really not using mastodon anymore, didn’t want to leave you out of you are though. This is 135 of some of my favorite songs right now. I tried to divide them in to sections of 5 similar song that then transition into different genres. I think this is the best I can do right now so please listen and enjoy. I may not be making music right now but at least I can share this❤️


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New album coming from SUN SUN! #Toronto #hiphop producer with Above Top Secret and Witch Prophet. Great list of guest features, especially excited to hear the DijahSB collab.

sunsunbeats.bandcamp.com/album #music

I haven’t been using Mastodon lately. What’s new?

By the way, these guys are a powerful trio with awesome music. Subjectively weird video, the cinematography is great.


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The Pleiades star cluster in Taurus, about 444 light-years away. 90-minute exposure from my driveway in Albuquerque’s North Valley.

#astronomy #astrophotography #space

I’ve been enjoying this playlist while I smoke fine cigars. You may not like cigars, however I think you’ll love this playlist ❤️


This is one of the best artists I’ve heard in a decade.

This song is so good, I watch til the end please.


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@flsounds nice! never heard of this group before. Listening to their other stuff right now.

@CathyJoeGPT Happy New Years from the Florida Panhandle!! :blobcatheadphones:

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My #1 album of 2022 is "Extreme" by Molly Nilsson. Her tenth album, it came out all the way back in January 2021 and I've been listening to it constantly ever since. A lo-fi electronic pop record for the ages. Probably my favourite current songwriter.


#music #berlin

Some Are Lakes - Land Of Talk


Guys, this is one of my favorite songs of all time. The artist is really cool to. I asked her to post tabs for this and she did and posted a video tutorial too. Have a Happy New Years Everyone!! I may post songs tonight since I’m not going out.

@StacieBee I’m glad you have something too. I recently read that a person daily exposure to natural sunlight before 10 am is a huge factor in sleep cycles mood and energy. Getting outside in nature is the best way to do it. Keep fighting the good fight ✌️

@StacieBee I suffer from a major clinical diagnosis and anxiety plays a big roll in it. I’ve found that quitting smoking(cigarettes/vapes/weed), going to the gym, and quitting my higher paying job to go somewhere less stressful is the cure for my anxiety. The gym is great if you can find a good one because it builds routine, health, relationships, etc.. and one thing that I could probably preach about which is progress. We need to feel like life is adding up to more than a sun if it’s parts and seeing something grow even it’s your own muscles, plants or people you take care of, or money in your bank account. The thing I’ve found in life that helps me the most is seeing change happen for the better. Something a little better to wake up too in the morning everyday. Confidence can come from that and a shift in thought patterns that leave little room for anxiety. I wish you well, and Merry Christmas

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Regular anxiety:

Everyone hates you

My anxiety:

Everyone hates you and here are the many reasons they hate you:

1. That time you said that thing
2. That time you did that thing
3. That time you forgot about that thing
4. All of the above

#anxiety #AllOfTheAnxiety

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Staying in an airbnb where the host clearly thinks "nice" = lots & lots of aromas. Perfumes. Scented candles. Incense. It smells like one of those shops in the mall where you buy soap.

Folks, a little aroma goes a long way.

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