Some Are Lakes - Land Of Talk

Guys, this is one of my favorite songs of all time. The artist is really cool to. I asked her to post tabs for this and she did and posted a video tutorial too. Have a Happy New Years Everyone!! I may post songs tonight since I’m not going out.

I woke this morning to go to the gym and just slept in listening to this. Couldn’t have picked a better way to start the day if I tried. This album was Leonard’s last and although it may be myth. I believe he passed shortly after making this album. Here is the title track and my favorite off the album.

“You Want It Darker” by Leonard Cohen.

This songs I posted the other day and today hold a close place in my heart. I was searching for transcendental experience at the time and they came at a good time.

Bombs - Faithless

One of my favorites from back in my more adventurous days.

“The Golden Path” by The Chemical Brothers

This whole album is so good and funky. I love it so much.
Here’s “Gondii” by King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard

I’m posting “Run With You” by Middle Kids today!
Really great band from Australia. My personal favorite is “I don’t care” right now but I didn’t think it was appropriate to post here so listen on your own if you want.

This looks like it’s setting up to be amazing.

I know she has a new album out but I’m still not over this one. I really want to go to one her concerts, however I’d have to drive a good ways if she’s passing through. I love this album and I’m pretty sure this is my favorite song.

By the way I know I didn’t post a song yesterday. To good of day and I may take all Sunday’s off now ❤️

“Can’t Do Much” by Waxahachee

During the pandemic there was a lot of civil unrest which I remember fairly well. Not only was everyone scared to death over a virus we knew little about, but there were riots and protests all over too. This song captures the emotion of that time with the music and lyrics. It came out then too so if you missed it check it out because it’s really beautiful.
“Survive” - Lane 8 feat. Leaneagh


Here’s one for y’all, Pete Drake was years ahead of his time. I fell in love with this song when I first heard it. Now I want to share.
“I’m Just A Guitar(Everybody Picks On Me) by Pete Drake

“Sponge Won’t Soak” by Wild Moccasins is a song that I’m floored at for not having heard it until this year. It came out in 2014 and I completely missed it. Sometimes I understand that I’ll get into a band late and will have to settle for back catalogues especially if they’re not together anymore. I don’t mind this because I got into classic rock in middle/highschool and accepted the fact that the music I loved was from a different time. “Sponge Won’t Soak was to close to my radar though while being just outside of of it which irks me. Glad I found it though, and now you can listen to it.

Today’s post is good for lonely winter nights, maybe strung out on something too. Have I been there. More or less. One of my favorite Beck songs. Although not my favorite album. That would be Midnight Vultures 😜

I’ve posted a Bon Iver song here before, this is band Justin Vernon is a part of called Big Red Machine. If I had to describe their music. I’d say it’s like the Bon Iver self titled album meets a Thom Yorke solo project. Listen to the whole first album and tell me if you think I’m right or wrong.

“Hymnostic” Big Red Machine

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