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New album coming from SUN SUN! #Toronto #hiphop producer with Above Top Secret and Witch Prophet. Great list of guest features, especially excited to hear the DijahSB collab.

sunsunbeats.bandcamp.com/album #music

I haven’t been using Mastodon lately. What’s new?

By the way, these guys are a powerful trio with awesome music. Subjectively weird video, the cinematography is great.


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The Pleiades star cluster in Taurus, about 444 light-years away. 90-minute exposure from my driveway in Albuquerque’s North Valley.

#astronomy #astrophotography #space

I’ve been enjoying this playlist while I smoke fine cigars. You may not like cigars, however I think you’ll love this playlist ❤️


This is one of the best artists I’ve heard in a decade.

This song is so good, I watch til the end please.


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@flsounds nice! never heard of this group before. Listening to their other stuff right now.

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My #1 album of 2022 is "Extreme" by Molly Nilsson. Her tenth album, it came out all the way back in January 2021 and I've been listening to it constantly ever since. A lo-fi electronic pop record for the ages. Probably my favourite current songwriter.


#music #berlin

Some Are Lakes - Land Of Talk


Guys, this is one of my favorite songs of all time. The artist is really cool to. I asked her to post tabs for this and she did and posted a video tutorial too. Have a Happy New Years Everyone!! I may post songs tonight since I’m not going out.

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Regular anxiety:

Everyone hates you

My anxiety:

Everyone hates you and here are the many reasons they hate you:

1. That time you said that thing
2. That time you did that thing
3. That time you forgot about that thing
4. All of the above

#anxiety #AllOfTheAnxiety

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Staying in an airbnb where the host clearly thinks "nice" = lots & lots of aromas. Perfumes. Scented candles. Incense. It smells like one of those shops in the mall where you buy soap.

Folks, a little aroma goes a long way.

Haven’t posted in a few days. So here’s a blanket update for Christmas. A musical quilt if you well. Really it’s just a playlist. But I hope you guys like it anyways. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, good three day weekend hopefully for y’all!!


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Seen in the wild: “All a tells me is you were at least able to cram study and pass tests.”

I can’t even.

Do people really think this? Obviously this guy does, but in general? An honest question, not a rhetorical one.

I’ve spent a significant chunk of my life in the company of people with —including two grandparents, so I understood from childhood that getting a PhD was quite different from any other kind of degree. Most people I know haven’t, but everyone who was part of my life through my long and winding career has a pretty good idea what I did to become Dvorkin. For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m always happy to give a quick sketch.

Among people who don’t have family or friends who have done it, and have never thought seriously about doing it themselves … is that the perception, that grad school is just a more intense version of elementary school through college? More tests, more cramming, more regurgitation, and then you get some shiny new letters after your name?

If that’s the case, I guess I can’t blame them, exactly. Like I’ve said before, most people have no idea how most of the things I’ve done for a living in my life actually work. The , , : all quite mysterious except for what people think they know from movies and TV, which is often worse than complete ignorance. So I guess it’s shouldn’t be a surprise if is on that list.

But I would really like to know how widespread this view is. Maybe I can do something with that.

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I should probably do a proper introductory toot, seeing that more and more people are making the move from the avian to the proboscid side of the internet...

So, 👋

I'm a zoologist and a science communicator, from Poland, based in Oxford, UK. Currently, I split my time between (Senior Lect at Uni London) and public engagement (at University), I also do freelance in both Polish and English.

Oh, and I wrote a (non-fiction, about animals, not for kids unless you're happy to do your own explanations of awkward sex stuff): geni.us/modernbestiary

What I like:
- facts and factoids
- as the main mode of transport
- teaching

What I dislike:
- pictures of fake animals posing as the real deal
- lack of public transport infrastructure
- scary movies

Pic © 2022 Greg Blatchford yewneek.com

I woke this morning to go to the gym and just slept in listening to this. Couldn’t have picked a better way to start the day if I tried. This album was Leonard’s last and although it may be myth. I believe he passed shortly after making this album. Here is the title track and my favorite off the album.

“You Want It Darker” by Leonard Cohen.


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I greatly dislike how Mastodon users never like/favorite posts “because it doesn’t do anything for the algorithm.” I’ll see posts with hundreds of reblogs/retoots and not a single favorite. I never ‘like’ content for any algorithm, I ‘like’ it so the OP knows I enjoyed the post. It’s still a meaningful way to support content even if it doesn’t feed the algorithm.

Anyways, I hope Mastodon becomes a better experience, since a certain egomaniac billionaire has killed the bird app.

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