@Reuben You are welcome to your opinion. I must be doing something right with my other 750 followers :)

@arteteco Haha, I know right. Im always very happy to hear thoughtful dissenting opinions. :) <3 @Reuben

@arathodic The image linked appears to be a broken link, can't view it.

@freemo the current US climate where everything is either good or evil, a zero sum game where compromise is defeat, is weird from a European point of view, where most countries have many parties, and government is usually done by coalitions of parties.

@Qwxlea I agree entirely. Its why I'm currently living in a house in the Netherlands. Americans have become polarized, irrational, and toxic. Your either extreme left or extreme right, anyone who wants to be moderate in their opinions on anything is immediately hated by both sides,

Living in america was like living in a country where you are constantly surrounded by little children having temper tantrums.

Basically yea. Although it's still important to make sure people are being accessories to genocide as well.

@LWFlouisa I have no objection to people who are anti-fascists. I do have a problem with the way the majority of people are behaving who claim to be anti-fascist, their actions do not reflect the claim.

@anomalocaris Agreed, punching people who attempt to commit mass genocide of entire races is certainly a good thing.

@freemo Dont mix up radical splinter groups with antifa. Now that real Nazis are marching in Germany again, everybody who stands against them is antifa. There are no leaders in antifa. Its not about violence. Its about never again.

@rootzoll not everyone who is anti-fascist associates with Antifa. I have no problem with people who respect freedom of speech and non-violent protests while also taking an anti-fascist stance.

@freemo Critique on violence within antifa is also OK with me. But this isnt anymore about liberal college kids overreacting. Its about Nazis in the streets marching shouting Slogans against antifa and seeking political power .. not sure if this is the right time to make funny memes about the antifa anymore. What will you tell your kids one day? "Oh while Nazis were gaining power I was sharing funmy memes against antifa." You decide.

@rootzoll I can both oppose Nazi's _and_ any violent Antifa members at the same time, and will.

@freemo not asking you to be silent about violence. its good to speak out against violence. but maybe when nazis start to join your slogans or share the same/similar memes, its time to find other ways to make your stand.

@freemo promoting a peacefull stand against Nazis is one way to counter violence. If you point out single cases make sure that you combine it with a comment that makes a stand on both your causes - against violence and against nazis, so no nazis would give it a like or share it. just food for thought. I also believe both is possible.

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