Hey all, new user, happy to be here. I am a CNC machinist / programmer for a living, and enjoy the geometric and logic problems that come with the job. In my free time I wrench on anything with a motor, and enjoy some PC gaming when possible.


@W201028 Really great to have you here. We have a few programmers, myself included, but not too many CNC machinists. Great to have you and can't wait to see your contributions in that regard.

@freemo Thanks for the warm welcome! I have been looking for an instance that is geared toward the engineering/manufacturing field, looks like this might be the one for me.
I should note that I know very little regarding programming personal computers. What I do is program the CNC machines in a language commonly called G&M, or ISO programming language in some countries.
I look foreword to learning from all of you, and hope that I can contribute something as well!

@W201028 Sounds like you will fit in beautifully then! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything or even just for a chat.

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