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I’m Lyle Troxell from Santa Cruz, CA. I’m a software engineer, podcaster, maker, photographer, and father. I’m currently improving my blacksmithing skills, researching software arts / translation, and refreshing my JavaScript knowledge.
I work at Netflix on the iOS App, and create the WeAreNetflix podcast as well as my personal podcast “Geek Speak with Lyle Troxell”. I try to keep up on technology and how it affects society.

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Spent a few hours on this bad boy today. Currently sore as hell, but had a ton of fun!

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New trackball has a 57.2mm ball, which means it can be replaced with a standard (non-UK) billiards ball.

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when you overexpose night photos and you have a lot of moon light and no artificial light you get pictures which look like they are taken on a sunny day - just with stars.
#photography #LongExposure

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I just got back from riding my new bike... it was EPIC. Fast as lighting, comfortable as a sofa. I could bike across Holland and take a nap while I do it.

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Built it over the course of several years. Pro tip: the front brakes are off my very first bmx bike from when I was about 14. Ran them on every bike I ever had, and they still stoppie like a boss!

@freemo Hope your bike shows up today! In the meantime here is a pic of my ride. It’s a Hoffman frame, Kevin Jones’s model. I grew up riding with and looking up to him as a hero of freestyle bmx. A real local hero in the York scene

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It finally happened!!! just passed the 1,000 user count!

🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

I originally predicted this wouldnt happen until the weekend but the influx of users today was insane (over 200 new users today alone).

What I am really amazed over is that we have so many users but so much , positive, intelligence, acceptance and mutual support. Despite being a very diverse group with people from every country, every political group, and every orientation it still works. No one has ever had a fight or been hateful

It is nothing but love, the whites get along with the minorities, the receive support and encouragement, the teachers help teach the students. It really is beautiful to see. It just shows that the internet really can be a wonderful place if you just try a little. I love you all! Keep being excellent to each other!

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i think it's so refreshing to be on a site where i can just post "i'm gay!" with no context and

1. no one will be angry in my mentions
2. i'm not worried about spamming up the timeline
3. people i don't know like it just cause they relate

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@W201028 The key is to make sure you get far enough out that you can't hear them yell at you anymore, then by the time they panic and come in after you you have enough of a head start they can't catch yup to you :)

Pretty good brew, for those that enjoy this sort of thing

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Interviewer: What's your biggest strength?

Me: I'm an expert in machine learning.

Interviewer: What's 9 + 10?

Me: Its 3.

Interviewer: Not even close. It's 19.

Me: It's 16.

Interviewer: Wrong. Its still 19.

Me: It's 18.

Interviewer: No, it's 19.

Me: it's 19.

Interviewer: You're hired!

Hey all, new user, happy to be here. I am a CNC machinist / programmer for a living, and enjoy the geometric and logic problems that come with the job. In my free time I wrench on anything with a motor, and enjoy some PC gaming when possible.

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