Okay, is had been a week on mastodon for me, round about, and I think the problem is not social medial or twitter it's just that I really don't like people very much.

@Surasanji @freemo
The problem is, I have usually the choice between being angry or sad and I rather find something to be angry about than being sad.

@commandelicious @Surasanji @freemo What is making you sad/angry? Something another person does?

I often wonder if 1. their saddening/angering actions could have been changed/prevented by myself, or 2. getting sad/angry is a way to change the situation. If any of that can be answered with yes, there is room for improvement.

If not, what help is it to get sad/angry?

@pkok @Surasanji @freemo
There are millions of people without clean water and I am wasting ressources by chatting with/posting to some people over the internet.
And before I can reflect to much over that I rather look for something to get angry over.

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