So I've been porting the open-source :opensource: mmorpg / MUD game I've been writing here (in java :Java: )

The new game is written in Ruby :ruby: same idea though. It can be found here now

It is a text based multi-player online game called a MUD. You don't even need a client to play, just telnet in to the server.

I've been working on porting over and improving the code that renders an area map. I finally have all the functionality ported over! I attached a screen shotto show what it looks like.

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@freemo this looks interesting. I have always had a soft spot for MUDs 🌲

@freemo I can imagine 😊 I have in the past toyed with the idea of making the 70s Star Trek text game into a MUD. Currently I already have enough projects to keep me busy though haha.

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