So apparently my choice of paper has been holding me back this whole time. Switched to a new paper designed to be the best for fountain pens. My Blackletter instantly leveled up. Apparently the last paper had just the slightest bit of bleed enough to loose some of the fine detail.

@Vetra Nope, just the flash, doesnt really look like that. Here it is no flash (attached).

I have a shimmer ink and I do like how it looks when it writes correctly. Issue is that the sparkles settle out even on high quality inks. So you get inconsistent coloring and even ink flow issues. So I dont use it anymore as much as I wish I could.

@freemo Looks like a Lamy Safari or something quite similar. I have one of those and also the stub nibs and have done a fair bit of calligraphy with them. However, I haven't tried a music nib, but you have. How would you compare them? Is the ink flow equal? Does one feel scratchier than the other?

CW'ed for length 

@freemo seems like I’m reading Harry Potter’s book.

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