So my desktop has 32 CPUs and 64 gigs of memory, and 2x nvme 960 pro in RAID 1 configuration. Not to mention 4x Vega 64 water cooled frontier edition graphics card (for OpenCL work).

I'm not even sure I can call this thing a Desktop Computer anymore, its more like a low-end supercomputer. No matter what I throw at it it responds instantly. What a fucking beast!

@nerthos About 10k - 12k if you bought it now. About 2k - 4k over that when I first bought it like a year or so bleeding edge

@nerthos First two i thought i answered the same person, when i realized i didnt i deleted one. Then i realized the one that i kept had a typo that changed the meaning significantly so i deleted and redrafted. Sorry for the triple post. Only one should remain though.

@freemo Should, but with federation and all that I end up seeing if not retaining the three.
Honestly the ideal way to deal with typos is to just make a second message correcting the first one rather than attempting to delete and redo. Skips a lot of trouble and is less confusing

@nerthos hmmmm, weird never saw that artifact here yet. You on mastodon?

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@freemo Thankfully no. GNUsocial, soon to be migrated to plemora. It's a common thing though, and even if the messages correctly deleted themselves, were I looking at the timeline actively and tried to reply, I'd get errors when trying to, and in general it'd be very annoying.

@nerthos fair the artifacts probably dont persist as long on mastodon instances thought, just a guess. regardless your suggestion is valid.

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