Damnit. I just went through three TSSOP16 chips before I got it soldered right... I usually get these first try.

@cambridgeport90 just trying to solder an LMX2322 onto a breakout board right now. I want to test it for a potential candidate as a frequency counter (there are 2 other designs for a frequency counter im considering)..

Once I figure out the frequency counter it will be a component in my ROES meter V2 (see my pinned post to see what that is).

@freemo That's pretty cool. I could never work with tiny parts like that. My dexterity sucks.

@freemo I can't even get through-hole TTL components soldered right. Today I was wrestling with that.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate soldering?

I fucking hate soldering

@bamfic oh wow I cant imagine how through hole could be an issue. I hate through hole anymore myself.

@freemo I have been soldering since I was around 10 years old, and never got very good at it. Never got into surface mount. The only soldering I do nowadays is cheesy through-hole stuff and even then I suck at it. And my eyesight has become terrible with age, so mostly have to do it by feel.
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