@freemo hehehe My wife idealizes the state of New Jersey just because there was born and lives Bruce SpringsteenπŸ˜‚ Here we do not know why pepople in the USA have such a bad concept of New Jerseyans.

@freemo This is our shore today. Bad sea condition, seaguls at home but never on the ground! Those aren't by far the worse sea condition we ever have seen but we are in may and we were hoping better weather by now...

@mikelga Nice, I miss the beach. My house in America is right over the bridge to Jersey in Philly.

@freemo I took land in the Americas in the Philadelphia airport 23 years ago for the first and unique time. Hope soon i will go once again to the USA. I did not visit Philadelphia it only was a scale travelling to New York city.

@mikelga I live mostly int he Netherlands. America is a great place to visit, horrible place to live :)

@freemo I live in the Basque Country a very good place to live but i like to know other countries, just as holliday ;)

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