I realize today I have favorite size formats for paper (A4+ and B5). Does this make me a nerd?

Whats your favorite paper size format?

@freemo A6 is my favorite, so I choose it for my Zettelkasten.

@freemo A friend of mine who is into woodwork said I should treat it with something but I was to busy and lazy so it's still rare and I will probably hurt myself with it in the near future when the wood is getting much more dryer like it is now. πŸ™‚

@mundauf Yea a humidity protectant atleast. But should be fine for a while

@freemo a quarter of A4. A6 i think. Not sure, but it is a notes book size, more or less.

@mikelga Yea thats A6, each number is half the previous. The B series is half way between A series too.

@mikelga Just for further clarity I took a picture of several of my notebooks in different formats. From top to bottom they are A4+, A4, B5, A5

@freemo yes, my favourite is the smallest one. A work mate loves the post it notes and uses to make art works in there. Will show you a sample.

@freemo in addition. My ortogtaphy is horrible. I think that my personality, some of it, do not let me write properly. That is for what i love computers, they alow me communicate writting

@mikelga To be fair my writing used to be pretty horrible. Even now it looks sloppy IMO. I'm not designed for art, which for me is why its so important that I learn

@freemo i think that right now your writing looks so pretty.

@mikelga I really appreciate you saying that. I cant help but feel I have a lot of practice though.

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