Calling all admins!
I've just had a couple of follows from, which bills itself as a "free speech, no censorship" zone.
You may well want to add it to your blocklists.


@mancavgeek As an Admin of I'd like to speak on the record here.

As we make clear in out ToS we dont block other instances but we DO censor. We believe in free speech in the sense that you wont get blocked for simply holding an unpopular opinion. But anyone who attacks others, insults them, or acts aggressive towards others are, and have been banned. We do NOT tolerate racism.

As others have pointed out, none of our users are hateful or racist. On the few cases that happened it resulted in a ban.

I generally suggest people ban instances based on what they do or do not tolerate from their users, rather than some ideological response to some key words in a description.

If anyone in this thread actually knows of an example of any user on QOTO not living up to what I described please let me know, we will take care of them.


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I can say that I haven't yet seen any examples of that kind of behaviour at QOTO, and I would not expect to based on the quality of the dialogue that I have seen.

Why not remove or amend phrases like that in the about page if they are not true in practice or even according to the ToS? "No censorship" is mentioned in the first few lines and it seem to be misleading more than anything.

@shakha Because we are free speech. The meaning of these terms are not "anything goes no one will ever be banned".

The concept is that ideas and philosophies are not censored, that is the heart of free speech.

@freemo But racism is a set of ideas that is censored here. Slurs are only slurs because of the ideas they represent.

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