The truth is the statistics aren't usually wrong. But more often than not people draw the exact opposite conclusion than they should from statistics because they aren't trained int he fallacies. We see this in almost every area of politics and it the central reason that democracy based politics fail, because people are really shitty at creating actionable solutions from data, even when that data seems clear.

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The trouble with rape in particular is that there is a high or prominent number (I'm not sure which at this point) of verifiably false claims, suggesting that only false claimants are feeling safe to come forward, whereas true claimants fear even more that they will not be believed because of this rash of false claims.

@Meachamus_Prime While there are no shortage of false claims on rape (or liars in general) your conclusions dont seem to be valid.

There is no indication there are any more false claims than int he past. The evidence suggests people feel safer to make claims buth true and false, and that the false claims are likely about as common as they have always been. But I have seen no evidence to really measure the ratio in general.


If that is true, then it is likely a more prominent number rather than a higher number. The news does tend to focus on the irregularities rather than the commonalities.

@Meachamus_Prime I suspect the people who falsly accuse others of rape just tend to be "louder". if your going to falsly accuse someone you might as well make it someone rich or famous you can exploit.

As such the ones who make false claims are far more likely to get attention then someone making a legitimate claim against joe blow down the street.

@freemo @Meachamus_Prime soon as I get rich and famous, I'll let you know about that.
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