Aleph released the proof-of-concept implementation: ! I helped writing it, so this is a bit of a brag.

Transaction validation time was ~6s with 256 machines all around the world, so pretty nice. Since then, we have been working on a proper implementation in Go (this one I am even more involved in), but it'll take a while before it's published.

@timorl I'm in the middle of developing some blockchain tech myself (not competing). We should chat sometime.

@freemo So what is the blockchain stuff you are working on?

Feel free to ask me about Aleph, although I'm under an NDA about some things that are not public. Thankfully, this pertains mostly details of the implementation that is currently being developed.

@timorl Sadly I'm more limited in talking about mine, even though it will be open-sourced later. Which is why I dont usually talk about it. I mostly just felt it would be good for us to connect given our common interests.

@freemo Ah well, I suspect you will post any public progress here, so I will stay tuned. :>

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