@zemichi I've read a lot of books, none of them invalidated this fact for me so far.

@freemo keep in mind comparing your life to fictional stories is a sign of insanity. :backfromgab:

@zemichi No, being able to derive wisdom and insight from fictional stories, and seeing the similarities when accurate, is a sign of wisdom, not insanity.

Though it is a sign of insanity to suggest that simply because someone see strong parallels in fictional stories that said person must be insane.

@freemo >Though it is a sign of insanity to suggest that simply because someone see strong parallels in fictional stories that said person must be insane.

You are absolutely insane.

Your life is not a fictional story, your circumstances are different. To believe in the parallels is to mislead yourself and cope with things you don't understand or care to figure out.

Don't worry though, you'll be in good company with the Harry Potter readers in the insane asylum. :backfromgab: (wow just like "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"!)

@zemichi Ok, please untag me from this and future conversations, thank you.

@pschwede @freemo

Tropes wouldn't exist if they did not illicit a reaction within people. People are comparing the relatability of stories with their own mental view of the world which may not be true.

Blacks compare stories of slavery to their own circumstances while no black has been a slave in America for years.

Millennials compare everyone they consider to be evil to death eaters or Voldemort even though magic does not exist.

People compare video games, movies, and music to actual violence and teaching violence even though in media the reactions to violence is exaggerated. There's only a few people who's kill count was beyond 100. There's only a few people that have survived traumatic life threatening injuries once while media shows people to be fine after a gunshot.

At some point in your life you were told to read books at all cost as a kid but you did not understand why. Books have become this untouchable art form and some want it that way to influence your minds. People don't understand that these things are entertainment first, our real lives are usually boring. The excitement of books and media is relatable to us because it is not us and any near comparison illicits a excitable reaction from us. But where I can detach myself from video games and the extreme circumstances in those games book readers have yet to learn this because they were never told to the contrary. :backfromgab:
@zemichi @pschwede @freemo Sad that we talk about things as being entertainment above all else, but it's also true. Culture is meant to be communal, but art is now a medium of estrangement and entertainment rather than community. That comes when we start to look at art as something of its own, something for us to sit down in isolation as we allow it to present itself, rather than in the truer sense of "the art of ______" where art should be something done, not something made.

@zemichi What else is entertainment other than telling about little deviations of our current situation?

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