>handmaid's tale
Ya women totally have fewer rights then men with just as many duties

@a7 No one claimed women have less right then men. Women have many social justice issues they face, men also have many social justice issues they face.

There is little need to make it a pissing contest to see who has fewer rights than the other.

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@freemo that's what hands maids tale is about.

@a7 Hand maid's tale is about social justice issues faced by women. Which as i said is a valid concern. It is, agreeably, silent on male social justice issues, but that really wasnt its point anyway.

Regardless it isnt presented here to suggest any one group to be superior to others, it is presented to point out the fact that sexism towards women is alive and well just as sexism towards men is alive and well.

@freemo it's a crypto argument towards abortions, because some how their babies rights are theirs in their egotistical mind, women on average make more than men and by society are viewed as more intelligent and logical according to latest opinions.

@a7 I think you can disagree with the stance of the book on abortion and still generally want to fight other forms of sexism to both men and women.

While I understand you may like the book because you dont align well with its arguments, thats also not the point of the meme, even if it may have been a point in the book.

@freemo the book is a fanfiction of how men view women based solely on abortion, the book is trash, its message is trash, it's part of the meme so it's part of the message behind the meme.
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