Кстати, вдруг кому пригодится.

Как выглядит бан админа в мастодоне.

При попытке зайти в свой аккаунт тебя кидает в настройки вот с этим окном.

Тебе недоступны меню, недоступна лента. Ты не можешь даже нажать на вкладку "Импорт-Экспорт".

Сменить мыло или пароль тоже нельзя.

У тебя полностью удаляются все сообщения, списки и картинки.

Де-факто, соцсеть максимально делает вид, что твоей учетки не существует. Я не уверен, удаляется ли ник из реплаев, но то, что он становится некликабелен - факт.

Другие пользователи не могут зайти на твою страничку пользователя. Ты сам - не можешь.

В приложениях типа Tusky можно зайти и обновить глобальную и федеральную ленту. Личная лента и лента реплаев не обновляются.


@sptnkmmnt I dont speak russian but am a mod. Can I help with something

@freemo oh! Thanks, but this is all about mastodon.social and their moderators ^)))) i'm really appriciate for your attention.

@zlax Can you please explain to me a bit more. We do not allow commercial spam/advertisements from our server so if you are saying that is what he is doing I'd like to know about it and discuss that with him.

@zlax Thank you, me and the moderators here will review this in more detail. We dont allow SPAM here and generally discourage or outright ban most commercial endeavors (we do make occasional exceptions if someone just happens to mention their own work from time to time though).

@zlax It seems reasonable, I dont know russian so I'm mostly in the dark but based on what you described the conclusion seems reasonable.

One of our rules here is that people who post **must** also be a real human and live (As in they occasionally respond to comments). If they are not they must be listed as a bot.

He did respond earlier to one of my questions about a post. So he seems to be a human, but I will follow up.

@zlax Hi @sptnkmmnt since this accusation was public and about you I'd like to hear your feedback as well. Since I dont speak russian it is hard for me to investigate the accusation but what little translating I did I couldnt find anything in your recent post about SEO.

@freemo @zlax this guy, zlax, kinda odd. Several months ago (springtime) he bulled me with some tricky questions, marked me as "CEO" (literally, this word transformed in "SEO" only few posts later). Then he began to threaten me to unsubscribe him, 'cause he "can't do this first to me". He commited any my new record on mastodon.social, literally, interrupted in any disscussion with anyone to tell everyone somethings about me as a SEO and what he thinks about me.

So I warned him - "if u dont's stop - I mute u".

He didn't. I mute him from my mastodon.social acc and here too.

Now he is trying to.... hell I dunno what he is trying to, its autumn, maybe its time to dig up some old stuff ^))))


Thank you for your response. I'll do some digging around and see if we have any questions. But just to ask you straight out, is your purpose on QOTO commercial, advertising, or SEO? In other words, how do you use QOTO and what brings you here?

@Surasanji @arteteco @zlax

@zlax Please tag the other moderators in this discussion for transparency sake: @Surasanji and @arteteco

In my opinion if he wishes to mute you that is his choice. I do agree it is a bit odd that he follows you and has you muted but in and of itself I'm not sure thats an issue.

If he follows lots of people just for the sake of SEO that would be concerning, I agree. But he follows only 77 people and has 95 followers. So it does not appear on my end that he is mass following people for the sake of SEO, I could be mistaken of course, but based on his follower count alone this isnt evident.

If i understand correctly your primary concern is that he follows you but has you muted, so doesnt wish to actually engage you. Since he isnt mass following people how would this even act to his advantage in any way?

@zlax By the way getting into your public stream only occurs if **you** follow **him**.. him following you doesnt accomplish that on its own. Since he doesnt appear to have mass followers I'm still a bit uncertain how this plays to his advantage.

Though I do understand your concern and am continuing to look into it.

@Surasanji @arteteco

@zlax Instead of demanding he unfollow or unmute you, since he clearly does not wish to, wouldnt it be easier for you if you blocked him? That would force his account to unfollow yours and the issue would be resolved.

As a moderator i can not and will not force anyone else to unmute another person. They are free to mute whomever they wish.

@arteteco @Surasanji

@zlax @freemo

As a mod, as you asked for help figuring it out, I'd say: you do not like the guy? Block him and forget him. As simple as that.

He's free to mute, unmute, follow and unfollow whoever he feels like.

(I hope I'm getting this straight, the whole thing is pretty weird)

He's published a book and wanted to let the world know, without even a 'buy here' link. If I'd publish a book I would be so proud as to even shout it out in the street to strangers!
That's, by our policies, totally fine as long as it is not his only interaction. I'll skim through his post history later to make sure this isn't the case.

He has little followers and following, if he's just trying to advertise stuff he's doing an horrible job at it.

While we give high value to respecting a disengage request, as I see it he's free to follow, and mute, who he pleases. If you don't ever want to see him again or have him to stop following you just block him.

@freemo @Surasanji

Also, as a mod, doesn't matter if I like him or not, that's not how we deal with fellow human beings here.

@freemo @Surasanji


I should point out that while he mentioned you by name in that post, he did not tag you. Talking about someone is not harassment, even if what they say is negative.

I should also point out that post you linked to is exactly what you asked for. You asked him to unmute you and explain why he muted you. Since he clearly saw your past 14 hours of posts directed at him he did unmute you, at least for a moment. he also made it clear in that post why he wanted to keep you muted.

Nothing in that post strikes me as harassment

@Surasanji @arteteco @arteteco

@zlax Your points were considered, they do not agree. If @Surasanji or @arteteco have more to add they will. However this conversation appears to not be saying anything new so I will be stepping out of this conversation unless you have something new to add that we didnt already cover, thank you.


I did not ignore your request, I listened to your request, considered it it, and told you clearly why it was denied.

Again we will not under **any** circumstance demand one of our users unmute you or unfollow you. Our users are free to follow and mute who ever they wish. If you do not want someone following you we suggest you block him. He only has 77 people he follows and there is no indication he is engaging in follow spam.

I hope this is clear enough for you, but I will clearly state, again, as you asked:

We do not moderate the situation where a person expresses negative opinions about another person.

I asked for details so I could understand your concerns and accusations. You explained them, I investigate, and I see no cause for concern at this time. I am sorry it didnt result in the outcome you wanted, but regardless I do appreciate you explaining your opinion.

@Surasanji @arteteco

He may very well be speaking rudely to you. I do not know Russian so I can't speak to that.if he is I'm sorry.

I did speak to him about the mute earlier and while he does seem to want to keep the mute he also explained why he does not wish to remove the mute. In short he did not like how you were engaging him and decided to mute after engaging you, which he claims was initially in good faith. I don't know the situation so I am relaying what I heard.

I understand you don't wish to block him because you want to follow those who follow you, that is your right,as it is his to mute you and follow who he wishes. Your options are to either keep him as a follower, or unblock/unfollow him. It would seem he made up his mind on the level of interaction he wishes to have with you.

I am not ignoring your request. He was asked yesterday why he muted you and he answered it, and decided not to ubmore you. Your request has already been granting, and you got the answer you asked for.

Yes he was aware of your request, I spoke about it to him yesterday. So it was passed along already. He decided not to grant your request, sorry.

@Surasanji @arteteco

@freemo @Surasanji @arteteco @zlax im using it to have connection with my friends in fediverse.

Im writing texts for money, yes. In instagram and Zen.yandex.ru (russian longread blogging platform).

If i wrote something intresting to my fellaz here - I just post it here.

This spring I did crosspost from my personal instagram to mastodon.social acc. Zlax blame me in SEO. I made a quiz with my fellows - they asked me to post entirely in masto. So I searched for mastodon instance with 2200+ more letters limit per post.

And so I am here.

I do not do any commercial stuff here. Do not plan to do.

And, to be absolutely clear - i'm a communist for my political pref.

If thats ok - i'll be glad to stay here.

If not - I'll move out as soon as it possible.

Sorry for worring ^)


As far as I'm concerned that is a perfectly acceptable answer. We do not hold politicial preferences against our members and occasionally resharing your blog is perfectly fine. As long as you are active here, stay in touch with some people (doesnt have to be everyone), and are respectful I have no objections.

I'll see if any of my other moderators have anything to add but for the moment, from me, I see no issues here.

@Surasanji @arteteco @zlax

Sorry for my late reply, I'm just catching up on the matter. I'm 100% with @freemo

@sptnkmmnt @Surasanji @zlax

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