I am hoping to attract them :)

The instance that I am on, is intended to be STEM oriented, and I am pretty sure our admin is a data scientist. What about you?

@Absinthe I am learning about it and want to shift my career to business analytics. Right now, I am working as sports analyst.


Hi there, Freemo's my name, Data Science my game :) How can I help :)


@freemo what should be the most important stuff I should learn to get into business analytics? Like Regression or classification?


@stateastic both! :) everything. But Graphical models is probably going to be more the way of the future than regression

@freemo graphical models as in?

Can you please suggest some YouTube channels or any blog to learn all this?

@stateastic Bayesian Networks, Random Markov Fields, etc. Not sure I know of a youtube video off hand.

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