I find it interesting that the AI used to produce the faces at are so good yet the teeth in the images are usually the only part that looks off, sometimes its really bad. I can always identify it as fake from the teeth where the rest of the face looks real.

Odd because you would think the teeth would be the easy part,.

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@freemo Everytime this page gets posted I have to mention the, uh, better version: .

More to the point, I suspect because teeth are so simple it's easier to notice that the texture is wrong. Looking at a couple of generated faces I was able too notice weird artifacts on the skin in some cases, but they were much harder to notice than the teeth (if they were wrong).

@timorl Yea i do notice skin artifacts sometimes, but seems less common.

Is there a version with anime guys as well, or both guys and waifu? I want to use a bunch of generated faces for a game.

@Rovine Unfortunately I believe only the waifu version exists. You can try checking on the creators webpage ( in case I missed it.

@timorl Yeah nah looks like just the waifu version. However the waifu generator mentioned which can be used to blend your own pictures for free. I'm gonna dig into that tool.

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