Have I ever shared my blog here? I dont think so. I need to update it but it has a lot of good content if your into STEM. You guys should check it out:

(I posted this a few minutes ago which made me realize the link was down. I fixed it and should work now)

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@freemo great blog you have there. Was the frequency analysis section part of a text book you wrote?

@ppmanik Which post specifically, the one where I analyzed my antenna?

@ppmanik Ohh the one that looks like a textbook (frequency analysis != frequency domain analysis, thus the confusion)

It was a text book i started writing but never finished so i just shared what I had.

@freemo I liked the content. You should definitely publish this frequency domain analysis book

@ppmanik Its probably 1/4 finished in all reality, it would be a lot of work to cover all the content I would have to in order to make it into a text book.

Which is kinda why i just made it free, I figure if i ever to add to it ill share that too, but in the meantime anyone can benefit from it.

With that said, if you or anyone you know whats to help finish it I'd be more than happy to make it a collective effort. Truthg is i simply dont have the time to finish it, hopefully one day.

@freemo this is good! I appreciate the detail, the careful explanation. Thank you.

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