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An amazing article by Greg Yeric of ARM on the future of Integrated circuits. He takes you on a journey from early 19th century Cavendish laboratory at Cambridge and explains how the fundamental research work done at Cavendish plays an important role in leading a possible path to ICs in 2030

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But what's even more depressing is that the country seems to have lost its will to fight this descent into darkness

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Shout out to the trend #TaxPayersWithJNU

Follow it, amplify it.
This is a struggle, not for some island called JNU, but to ensure that University education is a right for all, not a privilege for the rich.


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I am a taxpayer and I stand by the JNU students' struggle for affordable education. The govt. has been wasting taxpayers' money on things that do not help people in any way.
I demand that the govt spends tax revenue on things that matter.

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@Deepsealioness 2mins Silence for all those selfish fucks, who still claim that things are not bad yet and that there is still some hope for this society.

If you don’t stand for students protesting for their right for equal access to education, who the fuck will you stand for??

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JNU students are a beacon of hope. Taking blows on their bodies, they march forward for a better future for all, for everyone's right to education. Shame on you JNU VC, for bringing this situation where students are being brutalized for demanding their basic right #EmergencyinJNU


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Former PM #ManmohanSingh criticised the #Modi government’s approach to policies of the previous govt. saying that the govt tends to “look at everything and everyone through a tainted prism of suspicion and distrust.”

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What's happening in JNU is an
Assault on the Right of Education.



Finally I deactivated my account on birdie. Why two places when most of the people I follow are here

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For todays I'm going to do something a bit different. We have a lot of new users, one of the biggest surges we have seen in a while. As such a lot of new users are looking for high quality, long-standing, accounts to follow. Similarly many of the new users need some help getting attention and making new friends.

As such I am going to do this in a few parts. One for old users I have mentioned in previous posts, as well as some of the new users who have been making quality posts and been active for at least a week now. Hopefully this will be more helpful.

Also a section for some bots might be useful.

I will use a persons profile description here as I dont want to misrepresent anyone.

:awesome_slide_r: New Mentions :awesome_slide_l:

@design_RG - Books, Bicycles & Cats, Life is Good. Books, . Bikes, sport ones. Cats, any colour or size. with Virgo rising. House of Ravenclaw.

@Karthikdeva - Always a Student, Nano-Technologist, Bookworm?, and basically I don't know anything, so I might be asking some agonizing questions.

@_lunawinters - Just a human , living on a rock called Earth, floating in a giant space.

@VidyaKrishnan - Independent journalist, S. Asia


@yantrajaal - Engineer by education, teacher by profession, programmer by passion and imagineer by intention

@susi123 - வாசிப்பையும்

@Full_marx - I am a मस्त डॉन on Mastadon. I wish to build something that can be of good use to as many people as possible. Social Sciences: Propaganda Science, Social Engineering, Behavioural Science, Advertising STEM: Human-Computer Interaction Design, Web Dev, Cyber Security Noob. Multimedia: Motion Graphics, Video Production, Electronic Music Production, Abstract Film, Writing Politics: Left, Right and Center. Whichever ideology leaves the people with the most amount of Dignity, sign me up for that one.

@raining_night - I love women, food, thriller/sci-fi/slasher movies and series, astro physics, superbikes, nature and animals ❤️ not in any specific order Trying out Veganism.

@shibaprasad - Master's student. Football Fan.

@ppmanik - Believe in free speech and data privacy. Interested in physics and science in general and future of Semiconductors and related devices in particular.

:kaboom: Old mentions :kaboom:

@jump_spider - <> programming autodidact and polyglot <> meditation enthusiast

@chris - Developer focusing on , and the . Also a speaker, teacher, blogger, and pilot doing my best to make the world a better place.

@SecondJon - I'm interested in being just not civil, but excellent in interacting with others of different viewpoints in an online world where we can so viciously defend our echo chambers and be so dismissive of other perspectives. I rarely log onto the bird site of FB anymore because the interactions are unproductive about anything meaningful. I'm a , , , , Unaffiliated , Software , , Reader of paper , Card and BoardGamer, drinker, solving problems for co-workers and partners primarily with and integrating with the /SFDC platform.

@sandfox - and developer

@cwebber - User freedom activist, ActivityPub co-editor, parenthesis enthusiast, occasional artist.

@whirli -

@pschwede -

@Rovine - Born in Hong Kong, lived in Australia, working holiday in UK.

@Absinthe - The green faerie


@ae -

@metapsyche - I am a cloud of vapor. Fragmenting into ever smaller pieces to explore ever widening spaces. Web Developer by day, Pattern Hunter at night. Thinker and Tinkerer on weekends. :)

@imvectech - RESEARCH ° COOPERATE ° MONITOR ° ADAPT. Developing and teaching to implement DITO techniques for human survival between knowledge and fate.

@canonicalbrud - ; husband and father; ; tinkerer; Stephen fan, i.e. proponent of (re-)introducing and into and thus heal the modern rifts between , , and the natural /s.

@david - Value people over code. I manage WordPress Maintenance On the Internet, everyone knows I'm a dog. Follows are open both ways for me if you're nice and cool!

@Algot - Words are my friends.

@Curator - Curator of art from the instance

@Erik - Privacy, plants & politics Student CybSec @ :utwente:

:doge: Bots :doge:


@arxiv_eess - Electrical Engineering





As expected SC clears govt in rafale deal case. No corruption occurred. Welcome to new India

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Kya aaj desh itna gir chuka hain ki ab voh education system ko ek business me badal raha hain.... Log chup hain toh yeh gum hain, gareeb mar raha hain pr hum chup hain, aaj sirf gareebon se unka haq china jaa raha hain. Pr kal aap bhi ho sakte hain....

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Know those affected by fee hike at JNU - Ramjal Meena, a security guard at JNU cleared JNU entrance in 2019.

Millionare TV anchors who malign JNU from their AC studios have nothing but contempt for the poor. Thats why they justify fee hike. #FeesMustFall


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I should bring this thread to a close since I've strayed far from where I started. A quick TLDR:
1. Hero stones are super useful in reconstructing some aspects of Indian military history
2. Both hero-stones and literature from the medieval period favour elites, and rarely centre the experiences of the folks that did most of the dying.
3. Deccani states - even in the 800s - could be quite innovative. War does not tolerate fools.
4. War elephants kick ass.
New thread next week! Gimme attention!🤓

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A beautiful terracotta temple lying unknown and uncared for in Sonamukhi, Bankura, West Bengal

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Tale of two RTIs:

Nov 2019–Modi era: UGC rejected a simple RTI asking for the period of Manmohan Singh’s appointment and his tenure as it’s Chairman, citing obscure reasons.

June 2012—Manmohan era: Same qns, UGC sends a bunch of documents with file-notings.


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