How I've triggered people this week:

1) Saying I run "linux"

2) Saying pluto should be a planet

3) claiming people should be happy to be alone/single

Man people really can get offended at anything these days.

@freemo And I say that all of your three points are totally correct.I run Linux on all of my devices,Pluto should be a planet and sometimes I'm happy to be alone.I can concentrate better to my work then.Haters are free to unfollow now :P

@nipos The offense with #1 was apparently because I refuse to call it "GNU/Linux", lol

@freemo But what if you actually use a distribution without GNU coreutils which is pure Linux?!

I have noticed your favouring of a morning trolling session, looking for takers and a nice debate. πŸ˜„

Had intended to respond on the question of being single, which I found was a good discussion one, and better than traditional marriages nowadays.

Don't recall seeing one about Linux and GNU?

Pluto, I was an observer, was an interesting discussion.



It only becomes trolling when someone gets offended. Dont feed the trolls :)

The people offended over being single were friends from facebook. My one friend responded "Weill I'm never single because I always have suitors waiting for me when I get out of a relationship".. to which i replied "and this prevents you from being single how exactly?"


LOL... Trolling in this was in a good sense, as in, preparing and casting bait (your topic de jour), then wait for the bites. 😜

Your friend must have an interesting conjugal history, with all these partners, willing and waiting on the sideline.

But there's value in being available. There are so many nice people, good to be able to be available and enjoy their companionship without expecting a long term commitment.



Plus in todays world i dont think its possible to have both high standards and to never be single.


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