Any artists want to help out on a very small project for some $$$? If done well there may be future projects in it for you.

I basically need a series of space-themed flat-design style cartoons done that will be used to create scrolling animatioins for a website (I will do the web side just need an artist to do the cartoons). Attached is a stock photo of a rough example of the style I'll be needing it in, though personal artistic license is welcome.

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@snow That style would in fact be perfect. But I'd still need a whole set of custom images I could integrate with the site.


I'm unclear on the animation aspect - do you need a cartoonist to provide animated images, or one to provide static images which you will move around via JS?

Any further info you can provide about how many images, how quickly they have to be produced, etc. would help me see if it's something I could reasonably expect to succeed at.

@khird Ideally the images would have some very light animation. Most of the animation I would do on my end via CSS moving the objects around. Though there may be need for something small like the astronaught waving or something that wouldnt be easy to do in CSS. All in all if the artist cant or doesnt want to do the animation part I can make do with just the CSS part.

As for number of images, I'm flexible. I'm thinking maybe 10 - 20 small images of various things I can insert.. A spaceman loating in space, a space station, an image of earth, a planet or two. I'm willing to give the artist a lot of creative license here but can also dictate all the details if its easier.

My idea is this, as you scroll you first see a person in a space suit floating with a cable attached to them. That cable will wind through the entire scroll vertically which will pass through various scenes (like a planet or space station or a UFO flying past, whatever).. then at the end of the scroll will be a space station next to earth (the cable will connect to the space station or perhaps a nearby ship at the end). I will then add various text blurbs and boxes through the scroll too.

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