I decided that I am going to randomly start addressing people as human, but only once in a while, then pretend it was a mistake if anyone says anything.

"How are you doing today human?"
"I asked how you are doing?"
"Did you call me human?"
"Did I? That's weird!"

@freemo maybe we should call you R. Jeffrey Freeman

@miguel31416 R? If thats meant to imply republican, I am very anti-republican .. i just also happen to be pretty critical of democrats too.

I find both sides have alot of agenda and manipulate a lot of facts, sometimes just based off assumptions. So its important to me to try to objectively figure out which of them hold water and which dont.

@freemo nope, just an Asimov's reference.
I'm not much into US politics.

@snow not sure, maybe he's doing some human stuff from time to time just to pretend he's one of us



Actually my head is just the cooling unit. All male models of robot have their Neural Net installed in their genitals.


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I am halfinary based. Instead of binary that is 1's and zeros I am halfinary which is composed og 0.5's and zeros.


@snow @freemo
I'd say Sir feeemo is hexadecimal but who am I to tell

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