Today was the first walk in the nature with friends after the long lockdown. I felt quite depressed lately, I was psychologically proved, but a single day around made my mood so much better!

I'll post some pictures to make you part of it, and

The habitat was either forest, dominated by Quercus ilex with some human planted pines, or sand dune , which is a beautiful and fragile ecosystem that I think should deserve more attention.
More details in the caption of every pic.

If you feel down, go for a walk in a park, take pictures of weird plants and animals, open a bit to how marvellous this living things are and feel free to tag me


@arteteco I've been away from nature too long.. I often regret that both my homes are in more urban areas.... I was built to live in the forest or on an island, not in a city. I barely like people!

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