Maybe in america but totally not in europe

Is it honestly that bad in America? Is it true what media say? I dont have time to check everything.... And I dont even want to have to do that...

@k11m1 I guess it depends.. As long as you kiss a cops ass and in no way damage their delicate ego you might survive.

Why would anyone resist in the first place? They are the police... This is just maybe the cultural difference but idk...

@k11m1 Its not that simple. If your dog runs up to go give an officer kisses who came onto your property without asking first they will likely just shoot the dog if they feel like it.

Its not that simple. Plus I dont think its acceptable that you just need to do whatever they ask even if it violates your rights. If I want to video tape them beating someone and tell me I cant and I do it anyway, so they beat me too.. I wouldnt say "oh well he was disobeying them"

Of course not violating the law... Even police can not do that...
But I mean I have respect to police, they chosed to protect people and put their life's on line... Just like other emergency services

@k11m1 I have a great deal of respect for Dutch cops. Most are good people.

I have no respect for american cops, every single one of them, without exception, is a bad cop. If they werent they would have arrested their colleagues and been fired already.

If it is like you say, it should get fixed... But I dont know if killing others and raiding/looting businesses is the way to go....

@k11m1 I never claimed it was. I do not support the riots. I wouldnt mind so much if it was targeting just the police force of government. But it isnt, so I dont approve of that. The real solution has been voting for proper politicians who will fix this but americans arent smart enought o know how.

And also of a dog would to be run to me... I would be scared as hell I hate dogs...

@k11m1 Then dont enter a persons property without permission first.

Yeah... Like dogs dont jump the fence.... People are so careless about their dogs... I have been bitten by dogs 2 times and I just... I dont get them... Why would anyone want to have a dog as their "friend"

@k11m1 How is that relevant. If a dog jumped a fence and charged an officer he might be able to make a reasonable excuse **maybe**.. But that isnt what we see. Often officers enter a persons property where they shoot the dog.

If the dog was a threat I dont see it as a bad thing...

@k11m1 in most cases the dog isnt, thats the point, thus the phrase "to give kisses"

Can you even decide within milliseconds about that? If it were me I am freaked out because just dogs... Ah.... Well yeah.... Its unfortunate if someone kills your pet.... If people would be nice it wouldnt have even happened in the first place... But thats utopia

@k11m1 Again if you dont think you can decide or think their dog makes you uncomfortable do **not** go on to their property. Its not a difficult concept. If I go to a fpersons house and their dog startles me and I shoot it, I'm the asshole, it isnt justified.

Well I assumed that the police had a reason to go there.... At least thats how it is in my country...

@k11m1 A "reason" or a warrant?

If they have a warrant they may have cause, if its some sort of police raid we are talking to. But if their "reason" is they just want to ask you some questions but dont have a warrent or any legal cause to suspect you of wrong doing, then no, they dont get a free pass in my eyes.

Idk how it is in america... Here if police would be chasing a thief and the thief would run to someone's property they can go on that property because they are chasing the thief... If you understand... And if on that property would be some dog that would threaten the life of the police, logically police would defend themselves...

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