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I just found a spider in my house and we had a nice long conversation. Went something like this: "

Me: Aww hey little guy, how ya doin?

spider:: ::wiggle wiggle::

me: Yea me too, one of those days. You a little lost, not too many bugs around here for ya.

spider: ::jostles his fangs::

me: yea I thought so, let me try to give you a hand. ::lifts up the container he is on to bring it outside::

spider ::jumps on me then immediately onto the carpet::

me: Woa, its ok, im sorry. I'm sure you know what your doin! Feel free to hang out in a corner somewhere, my home is your home! Let me know if you need anything ::walks away::

spider ::wiggles butt in approval and walks away::

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Junior and modern education at the time of Pandemic.

RT @GorditosGatitos
quería abrir un hilo donde aportéis fotos de vuestros gatitos estudiando para animarnos a todos en epoca de exámenes 🐱💞

*sigh*.... Why code can't run without errors on the first go....

I have a bit technological question. Currently I own nodded lenovo g560 (i3-380m +4gb ram + ssd) but the battery is... Well 12 years old as the laptop (or something like that... I am sure its been over 10 years) is it worth it for me to buy a replacement battery or should I save up and buy some new laptop?

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Keybase, the company that asks you to upload your private keys to their servers, has just been acquired by Zoom, an essentially Chinese company notorious for having terrible concepts on how encryption should be implemented.

Even if you gave Keybase the benefit of the doubt beforehand, this is corporate suicide at it's most graphic. Delete your Keybase keys. Close your account. Rotate everything that Keybase touched, be that password or cryptomaterial.


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Do you people write your journal? Do you use some app on your phone or do you write it on your laptop/desktop? Or do you prefer just plain paper? Why do you prefer some things over another? Do you keep your diary super private, private or public? I am just curious because I have started writing my diary in just plain text in editor on my android phone and I am searching if there are other medias for this. Thank you

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can you use the command line?
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