So apparently there is a group of christians out there who not just domestically abuse their wives but they encourage others do the same and call it "spanking" or "Christian Domestic Discipline" (CDD for short.

I read this article and this guy sounds off the wall nuts to me...


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Thanks for the warning @sev ...I'll just take your word for it @freemo

The headline was concerning enough with 'grooming'.

Religions attract and keep nuts like black holes. Sadly, unlike black holes, they don't merely keep the nutbaggery in-house.

@soundwave I'd be hesitant to blame this on religion. People just suck, some of them happen to use religion as an excuse for them sucking, others dont.

@freemo I'm not blaming religion for creating this guy, but I am sure that religion tends to give nutjobs a safe space to be crazy and allow, or even encourage their wackiness. Religion claims to be the panacea for everything including mental illness, and they tend to misdiagnose batshit behaviour as "holiness".

@soundwave Yea, religion can be a way for a crazy person to justify their actions. They will always find a way though.

True. There is a sicko named Roosh V who advocates rape culture, but it's not from a religious justification. He just likes raping women and thinks all men should be allowed to do it.

@freemo Grim, grim and again very grim! Complete nonsense at every level. Religious freedom is one thing, domestic abuse is another. I think that '' should be publicly disowned by all mainline Christian denominations (be they Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant or Pentecostalist).

@iankenway @freemo I can't help but think that this was also an opportunity to force his fetish onto his wife. A normal relationship can have a single person responsible for the finances, and if both parties are agreeable, the money manager can dole out use of the credit card. I've got a bipolar friend who had to hand over her card to her sibling to keep issues from arising when she gets manic. This guy bypasses that as an option (that she might have agreed to, given her background) and goes straight to infantilizing her via spanking, which she has stated tha she doesn't want.

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