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“The Democrats think Boris is a pea from the same pod as Trump.” Being “Britain’s Trump” goes down almost as poisonously as being Trump himself among many in Team Biden. They are bracketed together in the minds of Democrats not just because both are rule-breaking populists who have polarised their countries and trashed historic alliances.".
They are right.

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Love this new tool I've been using from Interactive Brokers. I tell it what I care about ethically and it grades my stock portfolio based on the companies I invest in and their adherence to my moral preferences. Its a great way to invest and ensure you do so with an ethical motivation.

This is one of the portfolios I use for algorithmic trading. I'm trying to program into the algorithms a sense of ethics in how it trades and it seems to be working.

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Your regular reminder that cross-posting from Twitter is the social media equivalent of having a loud phone conversation while ignoring the people in the room with you.

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Release of 2nd progress report for #Germany's #ClimateChangeAdaptation strategy & #ActionPlan for #Adaptation

• Better financing for #climateadaptation
• Support for social institutions

Measures to make Germany #climate-proof:
• Floods & low water or disrupted infrastructures
• Effects on agriculture
• Health hazards
• Security risks for the economy
• Civil protection

Press release #Umweltbundesamt (German):

Progress report (German):

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1324 new cases today, and 16 deaths, in the #Covid19Cymru official figures. I still don't know what they've done with the local authority data.
That's the highest for cases, and the highest for deaths since the summer bar one day which had a backlogged data dump.
Will try to post graphs later.

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Here are the graphs for today #Covid19Cymru, and they don't look pretty.
If anyone questions why we need a lockdown, shown them these.

Many local lockdowns have spectacularly failed, looking at today's case figures:

292: Cardiff
163: Swansea
152: RhCT
88: Neath PT
69: Caerffili
68: Blaenau Gwent
63: Bridgend
50: Merthyr
50: Wrecsam

10: Gwynedd
9: Môn
5: Penfro
5: Ceredigion

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I’m 34 years old, dad of two, ICU-nurse and a hobbyist computer programmer and FOSS-lover.
I just learned about mastodon and I am fascinated by its concept.

Hoping to find some chill people here to talk about my interests!

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Drakeford stepped up direct diplomacy with Brussels after Downing Street Brexit bust-up - Nation.Cymru nation.cymru/news/drakeford-st
"The flurry of meetings came after the Welsh government’s European advisory group called on ministers to make their divergence from the UK government’s positions clear to the EU."

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Today's #Covid19Cymru figures show the increase in cases still rising - 1104 today puts the 7-day average up to over 1000 for the first time (1008).

There were 5 deaths (it's Sunday; slow reporting) recorded, taking the 7-day average up to 9.43, its highest since 2nd June.

Cases table:
178: RhCT (claiming first place over Cardiff - for the first time?)
154: Cardiff
94: Swansea
73: Neath PT
72: Caerffili
56: Wrecsam
56: Merthyr
52: Bridgend

4: Penfro
3: Ceredigion

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So in the beta version of QOTO I've been working on I got a **lot** of new features working and coming soon.. a few examples:

* Captcha registration (less spam!)

* Groups! This includes a group directory tab to be able to browse groups as well as support for rendering and tagging groups properly. I will also be bringing up a second server to support creating groups and allows group moderation

* Markdown formatting for toots!

* Circles, essentially finer grained permission controls where you can create a circle of followers and limit a post so only a specific set of circles can see it.

So far all the above features have been tested and seem to be working, so should be able to do a release very shortly.

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Open Source Diversity aims to encourage more people to contribute to FOSS projects, and to make people's first steps easier. You can follow at:

➡️ @opensourcediversity

The website is at opensourcediversity.org

#OpenSourceDiversity #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Diversity

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