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Drakeford says that compulsory Welsh language education will "alienate people who are sympathetic to the Welsh language", but gives no explanation for this belief.

It's quite an extraordinary statement, when all evidence points towards bilingualism being a huge advantage to an individual (as well as a country as a whole), and I think this is fairly well understood now. Where it's not understood, education of parents is the answer.


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"For the first time in recent history, the UK has fallen out of the top ten of Germany's trading partners. It has now been overtaken by the Czech Republic. In the first year after the Brexit referendum, the UK was still in the top five."

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Never discourage anyone… who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.

#Plato #Quotes

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I just read about the process to vote in Georgia. First ID check, then fill out a form after an ID check, you then get a ticket that you plug into a computer to verify it’s you a few times before actually voting, and then after you vote you get a form to plug into another machine, and half those machines may or may not be working. In between that, all the waiting in between steps. Partly why the lines are so long at polling places.
They are trying to make #voting hard on purpose #uspolitics

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BREAKING: First UK coal mine in decades approved.

Minister states he is "satisfied that there is currently a UK and European market for the coal".

However, as #IEEFA's steel analyst Simon Nicholas notes, the #steel technology transition away from coal has accelerated in #Europe in 2022.

Poor decision.


#finance #energy #transition #cokingCoal #coal #greensteel #investors #investment #climate #climatechange #UK #news #media #emissions #sustainability

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I do really appreciate that you are civil about this, I have a great deal of respect for you, not for agreeing with me, but for being civil.

I would **never** allow someone to say the things you said and if it did slip by me then that is concerning. But without even a single report I cant act.

I think the biggest problem in the fediverse is people fly off the handle and never once just have a conversation. If your response had been to just message me and let me know whats going on I would have suspended that user right away, QOTO was always about being respectful, it was the first rule we ever added to our ToS.

keep in mind with 30,000 followers I and 25K users I cant see everything that flys by, i try to, but things can be missed, communication is so important. Which is the very reason im trying to create the UFoI, so admins can start communicating and resolve these issues in good faith.

@alex @Barmaid @deadwitchflying

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Mastodon wasn't designed to keep people from building audiences, it just doesn't have an algorithm that gives some people a weird and unpredictable advantage at doing so.

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The Tories’ bungled Brexit has cost us billions. It’s time to make that clear

Letters: Neil Kinnock says pointing out the harm done by Brexit is public service information, not ‘remoaning’. Plus letters from John Bailey, Pauline Caldwell and Nicolas Baby


#News #EuropeanNews #Europe #UK #Tories #Brexit

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Politics. Privatising The World 

It's the same everywhere. Good summary at the link you gave.
One thing:
"The objectives of privatisation were to"

I would amend to:
"The STATED objectives of privatisation were to"

In my experience, the actual goal is always the simple one of transferring more of the commons into private hands; enriching the rich is always the goal.

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big: #Meta's business model declared illegal in the EU according to WSJ. #Facebook, #Instagram and #WhatsApp can no longer run personalized ads without user consent - noyb.eu/en/noyb-win-personaliz micro-targeted ads out, no more RTB. Meta will appeal of course, so only provisional... #privacy

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well twitter hasn't burned down as fast as I thought it might, infrastructure-wise. I'll give them credit for that

but... there's also not much interesting happening over there. everything interesting seems to be happening over here.

I'm not the only one saying this. heard this from several friends this week. woot, success. the centralized engagement machine has no hold over me anymore.

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Hi everyone. I'm in the process of setting up this account because I hate what Musk is doing to Twitter. If we already know each other from Twitter, feel free to follow me here and I'll endeavour to do the same in return as things go forward.
All the best 👍

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Good. But that is less than half a job done. Get rid of #FPTP, like nearly all the rest of his party #UKLabour want to do, and I might start taking his musings on democracy seriously.


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Yep. Toxic tory brexit. Skinting us all so Mogg can continue to dodge his taxes.

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Politics. Privatising The World 

Finally, my book arrived after years of searching for it. I paid £8:99.

I found this book in an Online Oxfam shop, after years of searching. I could not afford to buy before.

(Used Amazon £72:97
Used AbeBooks £46:03)

This is why I wanted to read it and why I want to stop privatising the world. We only have to look at our world to see the damage it's done to ordinary people.

Hope I have done this right @jas@twt.cymru

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Many people are turning to charity shops to buy or donate.

A couple of my favourite Charities

"Donate items to Oxfam FREE"
How to donate
It’s easy

I believe clean water should be a human right

WALES 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Tŷ Hafan is a leading and much-loved charity that provides life-changing care and support to children with life-shortening conditions and their families who live in Wales




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Hard-right neoliberalism gave us:

300,000 austerity deaths since 2010


Covid being allowed to rip through the UK unchecked until it was too late



GB News

The murder of the NHS

This sinister ideology needs to die before it kills many more people and destroys all we hold dear


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