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Barbados will became a republic, removing the British monarch as head of state as of Dec 1 2021:


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There is something seriously wrong in the UK

I am not sure what is going on here, but how some people got to think that this is ACCEPTABLE is really beyond me.

Spiked by INJECTION: Women 'needled with date rape drugs' in nightclubs in Edinburgh and Liverpool leaving them facing HIV checks as police arrest man in Nottingham after three attacks there in two weeks


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@zleap @freemo nobody comes out of prisons reformed. they're just storage facilities where people end up getting psychologically broken, probably injured and improperly healed, institutionalized, then abandoned back to society in worse shape than they started.

it's about as moronic and having people memorize answers for 10 years and then calling them smart.
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How are you doing over there? I haven't tried to chat you up since your husband recommended against it :-)
Really, how are the shelves in Wales around your way? Many shortages? How about petrol?

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We are becoming used to the idea that the price of security is renouncing our right to privacy, but it simply isn’t true.

Privacy is an excellent security policy.

Find out why privacy matters: privacyinternational.org/case-

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Remember when every TV pundit suddenly realized nurses, bus drivers, postmen, delivery people and janitors were "essential workers"?

Now, the same imbeciles are noticing that cooks, servers, truck drivers and others are also "essential workers". And that life without restaurants or opened shops really suck.

Soon, the very same idiots may well realize that moving entire industries to China and having just-in-time supply chains because $PROFITS is not such a good idea.

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Of course, the truth is: all workers are "essential". They supply all the work, including the back-breaking kind.

The CEOs pocket the profits. And then they complain about not finding enough compliant workers and justify moving everything to a dictatorship.

Tax the rich. Raise the minimum wage.

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Hi there, petrol was a worry for a while but a bit better now in semi-rural Wales. It's pretty short in England but in Wales I think the worse shortages are in bigger cities and towns.
We are also having shortages because of Brexit, of course. Terrible strawberries and other fresh produce has been rank this year and no soda water! (for my wine) The message here is to avoid supermarkets and shop local, which I do anyway. 😇
What about you?

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Colleagues mother is dyslexic. So she doesn't use email at all.

Today she had a dental appointment. When she arrived, she had to update her details. They asked for her email address. She told them she didn't have one. They refused her treatment until she could provide one.

Due to a dead phone, she had to drive home, get her daughter to write her email on a piece of paper & drive back with it.

Only then would they treat her.

Told her she should complain to NHS & BDA.


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Joe Brown (born Joseph Roger Brown on 13 May 1941, in Swarby, Lincolnshire) is a popular British entertainer of the 1960s and beyond 2. Joe Brown is also a virtually unknown harmonica player who appears on the Negro folk music of Alabama series. 3.
Joe Brown biography | Last.fm


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Amnesty International: "Nooruddin Turabi, in charge of Afghan prisons, says they will restart the removal of hands & executions. Taliban is going back to its old ways of intimidation, harassment, & punishments despite the assurances they made in press conferences following their takeover of Afghanistan.

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/amnesty/sta#humanrights #news #bot]

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