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Thanks to all our readers and contributors on what has been our busiest ever month for visitors. Please join us and continue to contribute as we discuss together how Wales handles the difficult next few months and rebuilds from here.

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The coronavirus letter you’ve just been sent by Johnson is a lie youtu.be/aKTwBbge4lQ

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1918 Spanish Flu historical documentary | Swine Flu Pandemic | Deadly plague of 1918 (40 minutes)


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Logitech webcams on Amazon? Completely sold out.

Scalpers are trying to cash in and are now asking for anywhere between 2 to 20 times the retail price on eBay. I know and understand how the market works, but that doesn't mean I can't despise it.

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@eff yes, and EFF also needs to stop calling their TWTR feed "official" & their #Mastodon feed "unofficial". EFF should not even mention their TWTR feed outside of TWTR. Send website visitors to Mastodon instead.

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Today's #Covid19UK death figure of 1228 (+209) is slightly below the 1276 I had expected based on the average rate of increase over the last 5 days. This brings the averaged increase down from 25.2% to 24.1%, slightly delaying the date at which 20K is forecast to be reached.
Bear in mind that average time from infection to death is 18 days, so I don't see any reason to expect a significant slowing until 18 days after lockdown - i.e. Good Friday, 10th April.

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It's coming up on 01h00 UTC on anonradio.net/ and that means it's nearly time for DJ @snowdusk_ !
InterGalactic Wasabi Mix!
About 5 minutes.
Here is where to listen:
anonradio.net (web player)
anonradio.net:8000/anonradio or use vlc, whatever.
Here is IRC: irc.sdf.org
Or get yourself a free shell account and ssh into sdf.org and then run 'com' and 'g'oto anonradio.
Join us in com mode and chat!

The UK Government's abject failure to provide a sufficient number of ventilators for the NHS means that hospitals will probably be forced to adopt a less generous approach when it comes to survivability assessments.

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The pissed up haystack fucking up Britain just tested positive for coronavirus

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"I shook hands with corona virus patients. I shook hands with everybody. I will go on shaking hands with everybody."

-- Boris Johnson, who has just been tested positive for corona virus


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Listen, if you have an obsession with voting the biggest clowns into office, then maybe you shouldn't be surprised if your entire country turns into a bit of a clown show.

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