The problem with Biden is he isnt just an occasionally spacey older fellow in a cute way like "awww isnt he precious he is wearing two different socks". The problem is he has full on dementia to the point its scary and think he needs to be in a nursing home.. the kind where he goes out wandering for a few days because he has no idea where he is and then you find him dehydrated and half dead in the middle of the ghetto somewhere under a bridge.

@freemo What exactely is the problem with that? As president and even now, he probably has excellent full time care from his wife and affiliates.


@sozialwelten He will be a week into the presidency and spam the big red button his desk and when the aides come in wondering why he just launched all our nukes the conversation will just go

Biden: "Glad you are here guys, the clicker for the TV isnt working"..

Them: "Sir that was the nuke button, you dont even have a TV in the Oval Office"

Biden: "The Oval what? Where am I?"

@freemo I would assume that this is not how the president of the US would be able to launch nuclear missiles. But I do not actually now.

@freemo @sozialwelten jujaja! Very good coΓ±a! Biden sound a little bit as bidet that it is just what he would like to be... But, in the oval bathroom!
It has to be very frustrating to have to choose betwen the bad and the worst one. In Spanish, some people say Guatemala y Guatepeor. Here we had had to choose the same way but in the end it tourned out that Pedro SΓ‘nchez has the balls of steel! He stopped Spain in march and it was very helpfull for stopping the wild spread of the disease but i thing that the most of possible politicians would do the same. The difference would be when would that person make it decission, and that is the point.
Why don't you vote to another candidate? Can't you do that? There aren't more choices?

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