I mean, everyone upvotes "google bad" posts, but it's still an impressive achievement!

@MutoShack Yea I mean, all I did was reshare some info. I think the only reason is because i have 15K followers so my voice spreads really far really fast in mastodon terms.

@freemo Just speaking your mind can make the world a better place! I hope you feel some pride for drawing attention to the problem.

@2en I'm not sure pride is the word.. I am happy that this issue is getting attention. But pride would imply it came about due to some skill or hard work of my own. Only reason it spread like wildfire other than it being a topic that matters to many people is because I have 15K followers, so anything I say gets shows up in a lot of feeds and can spread quicker. I suppose I can have some pride in being respectful and interesting enough to have aquired 15K followers, but even then, seems like a minor accomplishment.

Anyway, I am just happy the issue is getting attention and would be just as happy if I wasnt at the center of it.

@compass_straight_edge pictures of me sucking my toes will cost 100$.. mostly just because I dont want to put my nasty ass toes in my mouth.

Your post prompted me to install fedilab and make an account. It's taking some getting used to(my first account got banned), but it seems awesome! Thanks for the post.

@demosthenes Your first account wasnt banned here I hope? Many instances are very quick to ban for nonsense. QOTO tends to be pretty relaxed and we very rarely need to ban here except for clear spam accounts mostly.

Glad to have you on board, getting used to the decentralized nature and how that changes thing is something to get used to but it really isnt too complicated once you spend some time here.

It is great to have you on board, I am the founder of this server and we have a few mods volunteering. Reach out if you need anything at all.

Yes I was banned on here. I was engaging with a troll, apparently that isn't supported much here. I've just got to learn the culture and acceptable bounds. Thank you!


Well its not "culture" really its specific to the server and their rules.. If you were banned for engaging with a troll on mstdn.social then perhaps you should move to another server that isnt going to be so quick to ban for reasons you consider inappropriate.

For example if you had an account on QOTO we would never ban someone for engaging with a troll, and the same is true for many other servers.

@freemo @demosthenes I'm sorry (new here, registered after the news), what could you tell about the instance I've registered on?

@freemo Like this reply "Or it exactly understands how it works and Google doesn't much like how it works."

@Yes2020 Its really hard to get in their head. I could see that as being true. I could also see it as being ignorance.

Thing is, I highly doubt this was an order that came from some high-up at google. There is probably some unimportant Play Store moderator who only marginally understands tech who is going around trying to moderate google play and likely he is making decisions here without really understanding the ins and outs of the fediverse.

@freemo Don't know google employment strategy, someone moderating apps should be able to google the background of providers of apps. Then again it could be a honest mistake...................... The fediverse is something which I still don't fully understand but what I have read about its something which no corporation should own.

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