The fediverse’s first public Managed Group Server is live!

  • Sign up while all the good names are available *

You can go to and register for a group. But be sure to read the about/more page first to understand how it works!

Anyway, as far as I know this is the first time the fediverse has had an open, managed group server.

QOTO also has the group directory. Attached is what the group directory, and a group timeline looks like on QOTO, but we did some streamlining, your client may render groups differently and most wont have the directory, which is a federated list of active groups.

Anyway, anyone who wants a group, go sign up for one! Its open now!


@QOTO Congratulations! How well does your implementation work with software such as Mastodon, Pleroma, Zap, Hubzilla, Friendica, etc? Is it similar to Guppe?


It should (in theory mind you, its fairly new) work with all flavors just fine. Its just that some flavors (like QOTO) have a more streamline/integrated way they render it than others, where it would just look like boosts in their timeline if it wasnt supported specially.


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