Looking for Math Help…

So met the guy who wrote this paper/post on a plane trip several years back where I was flying out on a business trip. I’ve done hundreds of them so they kinda all blend together and I didnt really remember who he was.

Anyway a few days ago he pops up into my emails, must be 4 years, maybe more, since the trip, and says he remembers me, apparently we talked some advanced math or something cause he knew I was the perfect guy to check out is NvNP math proof. Anyway, convinced him to come here and share it with all you guys, he could really use some feedback.

So yea, if you know any math or are just curious please check out @carlostomas ‘s paper attached as the quote/link on this post it would really help him out. I’ll be taking a look when I get a chance soon as well.


Carlos Tomas  
Greetings! In short, I am posting 3 documents, all geared towards a solution for the P versus NP problem. The mathematics that governs the officia...
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Paging Rev. @urnerk - give this math a once-over from your unique vantage point.

@carlostomas @math

@onan @freemo @urnerk @math

I appreciate the promotion, and recommendations. The math has already been endorsed by a pair of mathematics journal editors. Its now presenting the findings to the at large community. Thanks again.

@freemo @carlostomas @onan @math

Thank you, I'm reading the basic one and see it has playing cards. I like math with playing cards.

Footnote regarding English: I don't think "obviate" means what the author thinks it means i.e. it does not mean "to make obvious". It means "to anticipate and prevent".

@urnerk @freemo @onan @math

I am very glad you are enjoying the playing cards metaphors, they are a very useful math handle when addressing the mechanics of quantifying the lengths of procedures that accomplish fundamental tasks (such as identifying the values of playing cards). And for the obviate usage noting, its unobvious that it means to anticipate and prevent in it's normal English meaning, I look forward to reading the English history, as it seems not blatantly intuitive. It should be informative. I appreciate your input, and your reading of the documents very much. I hope you have a nice day.

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