I get that many people in prison did bad things. But we need to get past our petty feelings of revenge and hurting back people as "justice". We can do better.

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The fact that it is for-profit, and thus there is pressure on those who run the prison to minimize the costand resources devoted to their prisons and to do what they can to keep their prisoners in prison, as well as to do what they can to encourage the politicians to keep making laws that keep people in prison... all of which needs to be considered and potentially corrected.

That isnt to say that a private sector for-profit prison system cant work. In theory it can, but only with the right sorts of checks on those interests.


@freemo @General up until now, i can't help myself being defensive against those who commited crime. :ablobbounce:


I think it is fair to be protective, suspicious, and concerned with anyone who has commited a crime. But that should not translate over to mistraetment. You should take the steps needed to protect yourself, as well as to effect society so there are fewer people who are criminals. None of that requires mistreatment however, if anything mistreatment makes the situation worse.


@freemo How can we do better than to get revenge on those who do bad things?
How is revenge "petty?"


Without getting into the subtle but important difference that i stated the feelings are petty not the act, simple, by making effective choices rather than emotional ones.

The goal should be to reduce crime as the top priority. Revenge for the sake of revenge, teh desire to make a criminal suffer as a first priority is not effectual to the intended goal. Nevermind the moral issues with it.

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