I feel it's pointless that because it's fictional, and you can't change the opinion of the first pic, since there is a political agenda behind it.


Yea being fictional there is no "reality" behind it. But the question is really about what was the intent from the creative authors I suppose.


@freemo the role is important, and has to be strong, as a passive subject that has to endure a thing, rather than an active one that has to do things. It's not equivalent.

But like, i feel like more recently things have improved quite a bit in representations..

@jasper yes the point being a passive person who has to endure a thing is strong.. so this isnt a downgrade.

There are certainly examples of similar tropes where a woman may be portrayed as weak, screaming, frozen with fear, refusing to run or confront, helpless, etc.. but it isnt everywhere and quite often such tropes are mislabled sadly as we see here. Throughout most of the mario series including the original the princess was fiesty, talked back, and was even an active player in most except the very first iteration. By every measure the trope doesnt really apply in the mario series despite often being accused that it does.

@freemo as talking back doesn't do anything though. You basically never play princess peach, outside mario kart etc. The default is a man.That kindah is a downgrade. It's not like the character must actively embarrass erself to have lesser volition.

Like, i do understand, people "write what they know", but it is a thing...

@jasper Have you even played mario brothers... the first one is literally the only one you cant play princess peach, you can play her starting in mario bros 2 onward....

It feels like, like the woman int he image, your just desperate to find some sexos, where nonexists.

@jasper sorry for all those typos, was just waking up and on my phone when I replied.


four sides, you and me are the 4th...

five sides, we are actually just characters in a meme and the people watching us are the fifth side.

@freemo the recursively conscious boson theory: the observer of a change in state becomes entangled in that change once conscious of being observed.

reminds me of that series devs aka deus.

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