Just in case it wasn't clear that P has completely lost his shit, he has also been mass-spamming my account for a good 30 minute now with hundreds of messages. doesn't really matter to me, easy enough to silence. though it does put his entire server at risk from a legal standpoint.. but that just shows how far gone he is.

But yea, the man is absolutely obsessed and lost it.

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@mar77i How ya figure, hasnt actually effected me personally. I just filter out his dms, problem solved.. says more about him than me.

@mar77i he has been obsessed with me over a year ago and every time he sees my name in a thread he tends to go on about me for a day or two...

yesterday he found out I have alts somewhere else on the fediverse and that he had been following and tagging one of my alts but didnt know who it was. At that point he lost his shit and wound up accusing a user on his own server of being me (it wasnt) and banning them and trying to tell everyone it was me, even rewrote the description of the user account afterwards to accuse me of being them (saying look at what the admin of qoto posts lol)...

Anyway everyone including me quickly realized the user wasnt me and it made him look bad, and he went off the deep end when I called him out for it and now he is DDoS'ing mass spaming QOTO because he has all the maturity of a toddler.

Its literally over shit that went down a year ago he never got over and just cant let his gruge obsession go.

Sounds like a dumb highschool teenager drama :ablobdundundun:

@mur2501 I'm not sure he is up to the majority of high school level, thats an insult to most high schoolers!

@mur2501 He was obsessed over me since a year ago when one of his users was making death threats to myself and other users on our server. I asked him to address it and we he refused, it escalated to a discussion between moderators of our server to try and figure out if we wanted to defederate with him and he lost his shit over that, we decided not to defederate however.

Probably P wanted you to defederate or something. Anyway what were the death threats about?

@mur2501 i dont remember some dude disagreed with me about something stupid and said he could beat me up, egged him on told him he is welcome to try and that i didnt expect him to actually show up, said he was probably threatening to beat everyone up because he has a small dick... He got triggered after that point.

What's the legal implication you see? You mean in case you'd sue him for this "DoS"?

@runfox It certainly is hilarious, ill grant you that. I turned on a filter to block any OP DMs from him about a minute in... seems he keeps rewriting his script to be more "advanced" like how its issuing random text.. but none of it has gotten through in a while because the guy is too much of an idiot to realize all I had to do was filter out OP dms from him to me and the context doesnt even matter.

Only person he is trolling is himself.

@runfox @freemo Weird! You never see Pete act out unless you point out the Holocaust never happened or other anti-Kike stuff. This guy must be a bigger anti-Semite than Patrick Little! Based. :samhyde:


LOL !+ trolling on that one :)

Nah im pretty big on holocaust history and the tragedy that it was.


@freemo A long time ago, I'd be offended in your position. Now, I understand and accept that a large percentage of human beings are illogical and have mental disorders. Don't waste time trying to logic someone out of something they didn't logic themselves into.

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